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Chocolate and any sweet desserts...
Also, I looooove shopping kitchen items; like a new spatula, other kitchen gadgets and small appliances... I don't think there's a single kitchen item out there that I don't have, unless it's something I would never use anyway...
Last year I wished for a Kitchen-Aid food processor, and I already have the mixer. Now I realize there's a super great Bosh machine that does both of those things, in greater amounts and better machine overall... Now I want that one!!! But I don't dare bring it up to hubby... I can never get enough kitchen stuff!
And now I'm addicted to TCS too. I'm trying to not overdo my time here, but it's not easy!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Shoes! I have a difficult time passing a shoe store. As for foodstuffs, Haagen Daas vanilla icecream.
Oh yeah - boots and shoes
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I was going to say Cindy - didn't you forget something!

I hope all the meows and woofs are going with you??

I'm addcited to my animals, my house, my friends and my family!

I'm addicted to delicious food such as Chicken Enchiladas, Butter Chicken, Lasagne and Chicken Teriyaki and Water and Coca Cola!
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Pictures... I'm constantly trying to figure out how to best decorate this apartment. And, as lame as this sounds... crayons. Those little 8-packs, I always need them for school as my kids are really hard on them.

If I could afford them, I'd probably buy more snowglobes and Precious Moments figurines...
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Originally Posted by katspixiedust
I'm frightening when Krispy Kremes are present. We got a dozen the other day and for some reason no one felt like having any, so I ate 11 of them in a 24-hour period. ELEVEN! What in the heck is wrong with me?!? I just couldn't help myself though.
Don't feel bad, I probably would've done the same thing!
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Cats!!! The internet, movies (i have a couple hundred atleast), turkey hill iced tea, coffee, hoodies, my music and tv (especially my favorite shows -- bones, house, without a trace and cold case). If I miss any of them my day is shot. lol And I don't have them often because there's isn't one around but I ***love*** Cinnabons.. with extra icing.
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Coffee. French fries. Mashed potaotes. Cats. My boyfriend. This site!
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one word, chocolate
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Art supplies. My family breathes a collective sigh of dread when I turn into the stationary isles at the stores we go to.

Also , helping tiny needy creatures. My bf just laughs when he walks in to see a new little creature lapping up food in an isolated corner.

I'm also addicted to cereal. I can buy a box of it when I'm out for a walk and eat the whole thing, dry on the way home.

I am very hopelessly addicted to my bf. He is the first person I've met who understands me this much.
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Originally Posted by Zazusdad
Well my new addiction is this site
Me too!!! Also cigarettes , candles , ebay!!!!(that can be bad)
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Originally Posted by Purr
I start missing Cupid 10 minutes after I'm gone, and I spend the entire time I'm out missing him.
I'm the exact same way with Sash! I'm addicted to Sash, coffee, just about anything sweet, food and scented/smell goods.
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Coffe and chocolate (and about anything with sugar)
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Books, oh goodness gracious, the books. I have three bookshelves over flowing with books. I never met a book I didn't like. Well maybe one or two.

Diet Coke, Brownies, and oranges. I can't keep them in the house or their gone. Oh and cinnamon bears.

Music, although the buying of CDs has slowed down. Yea for I-tunes.

Movies, I own a couple of hundred. I just joined Netflix though, I'm hoping it will help me control the complusion to buy.
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Also, books and new experiences. They keep life interesting.
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- my music
- guitar
- spicey food
- tea
- newspapers
- theater
- book

and couple of other things that I shouldnt be addicted to.

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Texas Holdem
Tigers-Amurs, Bengals, Sumatrans, South China, IndoChinese (extinct- Javan Tiger, Bali Tiger and Caspian Tiger) Wooly Tiger(very large Siberian Tiger) Tasmanian Tiger....Oh sorry got carried away.
My Cat and Dog-man I spoil them. People tease me and ask me if I got them both Cell Phone plans if they got their own beds, TVs and rooms.
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Too many things...
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Bath gels, lotions, perfume, candles. My latest temporary addiction is a Korean soap opera called Phoenix. I have also become addicted to putting honey roasted pecans/cashews on my tossed salad.
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Coffee (in the a.m.), chocolate (anytime), Taco Bell, TCS and my funny, furry friends!
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Coffe + TCS!!!! .................
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I dont know if this is much of an addiction but it seems like it:
Programming (QBASIC)
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Major addictions: caffeine (Pepsi and mocha frappuchinos) and Peanut butter. And somehow I have ended up with about a dozen tarot decks, don't ask me how. Jackets and boots, can never have enough of either.
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I need to add to my list now after reading some of the new additions. I must add bath salts, bubble bath and all bath items!!!
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Pajamas, fuzzy slippers, chocolate , TCS , stuff for the cats...
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Coffee, diet coke, chocolate, my furry babies AND books (I have over 3000) - must learn to resist bookshops - must resist
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1. Smoking Cuban cigars--Double Corona size mostly

2. Lancaster chewing tobacco

3. Reading action/adventure/crime, etc. novels borrowed from the library

4. Panera Cafe for lunch

5. Finding/buying new-to-me fragrances such as Bois du Portugal and Le Dandy and way too many others

6. Bass fishing(catch, photograph, and release all of them) using only artficial baits

7. The internet and wonderful forums/boards like this one

A year or two ago, I use to drag race(at a 1/4 mile track--not on the street) my 2001 Ford F150 Lightning pickup truck. It was very quick(12.531 seconds & 108.69 mph in the 1/4) and would surprise many "sports cars"

And, of course, my Ocicat !

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shopping at target

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what, other than chocolate and TCS? Hrmn.... probably online poker and Koldskål.
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... and my husband.
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