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What are your "addictions"?

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For the past 4 days or so, my coffee-maker has been broken, and I've realized just how addicted I am to the stuff!

Also, in an effort to start saving some more money to put towards home stuff (we have to completely re-do our deck this spring) I've been trying not to buy any new makeup, any snack food, or any magazines. I used to live 1/2 a block away from a Walgreens and found myself there nearly every day buying a bottle of water, a magazine, some cheap makeup. It seems like a cheap treat, but when you add it up at the end of the month, YIKES!!

What are your seemingly harmless addictions? Am I alone in my love of lattes and celebrity gossip rags?
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Candles. I seem to "pick one up" everytime I go to the store. Also, Underwear! I love different styles. My husband calls me "The Panty Princess"
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Undies from Victorias Secret!! I am so addicted to them (and everything else in that store!) That I really do have to stay out of there or I will pick up 4 pair at a time - well they are only 4 for $25!!
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I used to have a candle problem too--when I lived in NY there was a Yankee Candle in the mall, and I lived like 5 mins from the mall. It was baaaad!

Since I've moved 3 times since then in the course of 2 years I've tried not to accumulate too many candles or knick-knacks--cause I knew I was gonna have to pack them up in like 6 months!
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Well my new addiction is this site
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Oh I dont care where the candles come from, or the underwear either lol. I see the candles, smell em, and throw in the cart.. the underwear, OMG I will stay in Beall's Outlet Store for HOURS on end going through them. They have an awesome line and cheap too! Im not allowed to go to the mall anymore I spend too much in Victoria's, Yankee Candle, and Wicks N' Sticks
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Originally Posted by Zazusdad
Well my new addiction is this site
Oh me too!!
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Diet Coke, socks, PJ's from target. I try not to buy underwear any more- I ONLY have about 40 pairs. Also using coupons to score great deals has resulted in over buying. My husband joked at one point that if we had a state of emergency,the cats would eat better than we would! I keep the bags on the pantry in order of expiration date. I also have 10 bottles of laundry detergent.
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chocolate covered nikki sixx..oops i didn't say that!
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Candy, socks, underwear & crafty stuff.. My boyfriend is addicted to calculators, ac adapters, dvd's, and orange juice!!! Neither of us drink OJ but he still is always buying it!!!
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weeeelll, it depends what you mean. I have an obsessive-compulsive personality, which means that i go in and out of obsessions. I read, probably up to a hundred pages on them, or more, and retain all the knowledge. Right now it's cats and wild cat's as pets. In three years i have gone from cars to antique walking sticks to antiques to guns to chinchillas to now(cats ) Whew!! It is hard to store that much info in one brain!

On addictions like food, i am addicted (badly) to sour gummy worms! And i am very particular, too. They have to be a certain brand, softness, color....

I think i am so screwed up, the entity(s) that created me messed up bad. He/she/they could have made me a normal boy with a normal brain and thought process, but no!!!!

(and he/she/it could have made me less (rightly) arrogant! )
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Orange cats.

And right now.. Sugar. -bounces off the walls-
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Murder mysteries
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now that I also think of it.. The Warrior series by Erin Hunter.
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Well, this site is definitely my worst addiction!!

Besides that, I'd have to say Christmas ribbon and bows. I'm not allowed to buy more until I use up what I have - and that could take years!!
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Caffeine. If I don't have my morning can of Diet Dr. Pepper, I am even more unpleasant than usual at 8:30am. That's my only substance addiction. lol
I am also completely addicted to music. If you can call that an addiction...I guess it's more an obsession than anything. lol It's always on. I have about 20 burned CDs at work so I will have something to listen to there.
Oh, and sweets.... I have a real problem with sweets. My mom didn't really allow sweets of any kind in the house when I was a kid, so now I have this compulsion for sweet foods. I keep healthier sweets like cereal or granola bars in the house, so I can eat my sweets and not gain massive amounts of weight. lol
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Shoes! I have a difficult time passing a shoe store. As for foodstuffs, Haagen Daas vanilla icecream.
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Caffeine. Starbucks Frappacino = ownage.

I don't think i'm highly addicted to it though, even though almost every day I drink tea in the morning. That should have made some effect over the years.

Oh, and Jennifer Aniston. Mmm...
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1. Tomato juice. I just cannot get enough of that stuff and it grosses Ian completely out. It used to gross my former evil roommate out, so I...took advantage of that from time to time

2. TCS!!

3. iPod. It's really becoming sort of a problem.

4. Cats. Again, problematic.

5. Clothes from The Gap, especially pants. I need to stop funding sweatshops single-handedly right now.

6. I didn't realize it until this week, but winter coats. I have like 5 of them!

7. Books. And the bookstore Women and Children First in Chicago.

8. The New York Times

9. Tim Burton films

10. The flute and lately, Andersen etudes (if you know any flutists and tell them that you know someone who is addicted to Andersen etudes, I guarantee that you'll get a crazy look!)
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In no particular order....

Underwear....pj's.... really spicy food..... make-up.... wine......earings.....espresso.... taking pictures....

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Originally Posted by lionessrampant
1. Tomato juice. I just cannot get enough of that stuff and it grosses Ian completely out. It used to gross my former evil roommate out, so I...took advantage of that from time to time


6. I didn't realize it until this week, but winter coats. I have like 5 of them!
I LOVE tomato juice!!! Have you tried it with a little pepper in it? I always get strange looks when I do that.

Oh gosh...you and me both on the coats! And to make it worse...Earl has the same addiction. And to double that - there is no coat closet in this apartment!
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I also have an unhealthy addiction over converse
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Coffee with hazelnut creamer and lots of sugar - one cup in the morning, one cup in the evening only or else I'll be buzzing around here like there is no Tuesday upcoming!

Nascar - and while I am WAY looking forward to tomorrow's race, it is the last race in this season and I won't have any more to watch until February! *sob wail*

Siamese cat stuff - knick-knacks, cards, labels, magnets, coffee mugs, etc. There is a table in my bedroom with all this Siamese cat stuff on it ... so much so that my husband refers to it as the "Siamese Shrine". *giggle*
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By far, TCS! Kitty items, be they for my girls or decorative items. PJ's!
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TCS for sure, chocolate, coffee, expensive shoes, cashmere, ice cream, NY Times crossword puzzle and of course--CATS.
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I've never met a candle I didn't like! I also have snowman and Christmas ornament issues! Bubble bath......

Hmmm.... as far as food... definitely coffee - Especially Dunkin Donuts Turbo Ice coffees. Carrot Cake - I can't be trusted around. My brother and I ahve said there will be no carrot cake this holiday season - we would just split it! I also can not be trusted with an open bag of Lindt Truffles. I made the mistake of opening a bag last night because we had company coming over.
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I loved carrot cake at one point, but then we stopped buying it and I stopped craving it. The same goes for apple pie. Mm..
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I'm frightening when Krispy Kremes are present. We got a dozen the other day and for some reason no one felt like having any, so I ate 11 of them in a 24-hour period. ELEVEN! What in the heck is wrong with me?!? I just couldn't help myself though.
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animated disney movies, coloring books and crayons and buying new toys for kallie
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I'm addicted to Cupid, the internet, and shopping. I would have a major depressive episode (a.k.a. nervous breakdown) if I had to do without any of them. With shopping, it's more about new things; I love new. I shop online several times a day and go to the mall on Shopurdays. I buy everything from cosmetics to clothes to home goods. I have stuff I've never worn. My roommate just fuels my addiction because it makes him happy to think he's making me happy. He's an enabler.

I start missing Cupid 10 minutes after I'm gone, and I spend the entire time I'm out missing him. The internet is what I do with my free time, but I have more free time than most. So I am on the computer a lot. I do try to limit it though.
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