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Could I get some prayers please?

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Hi Everyone,
As you know I've been pregnant for about 34 weeks, till yesterday. Brandon Hall Davis is here!! However, he is in the special care nursery because he was having some breathing problems from being so early. Could we please get some of those wonderful board prayers and vibes for him? They said he could possibly be in the hospital for the next two weeks. Brent will be staying at home this week because he has to work, but I will be staying here at the hospital so I can be with him as much as possible. Thanks in advance for prayers/vibes. I'll try to post an update as soon as I can, but it may be difficult. Thanks again.
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Strong Prayers and Vibes comin your way Mommy!
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Oh Congratulations on your baby boy!

Very strong prayers & vibes coming your way for you all!
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Congrats and good health vibes for your little boy!
We've got a history of preemies and underweight babies in my fam, so I've seen many of my cousins and other relatives worry about their little ones--its so hard!
All of them are now healthy and growing like weeds--I'm sure your little one will be home before you know it!
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Jay and Kimmy here (zazusdad and zazusmom)

We just want you to know that we are thinking of you and the baby. We hope all will be well and are sending the vibes CONGRATS on the new member of your family.

Keep your chin up and all will be well!!!!!!!!!
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Laura, congrats on the babys birth and I am send HUGE MEGA VIBES to you and little baby Brandon! Before my sisters last son was born they had only given him a 3%-50% chance of survival. After 3 months in the hospital and a few very scary moments he's now nearly 3 years old. Smartest little one you'd ever meet too. I am sending the vibes from him on to you!!
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Congratulations Laura!!!

Sending much healthy energy to little Brandon, that he grows big and strong very quickly.
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Congratulations to you. Sending positive vibes Brandon's way, so he can go home with you soon.

I know things have advanced a great deal since I did high risk l&d, but 10 years ago, I'd give anything to be delivering a patient with a 34 weeker versus some of the 26-28 weeker's we delivered. I believe he will do well.
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oh many, many strong vibes and the BEST healthy wishes sent your way for your little one!!~~~
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All my prayers and good wishes are with you and your family. Congratulations on your new addition.
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Congratulations on your new wee person! Lotsa prayers and }}}be strong and healty{{{ vibes to the little guy.
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Congratulations! Welcome, Brandon Hall Davis!

Your little baby boy is absolutely in my prayers! I agree with Pat, at 34 weeks, he'll do great! Also, I was 2 months premature and turned out ok. Brandon will be home with his Mommy and Daddy in no time at all!
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Congratulations, Laura & Brent! And welcome, little Brandon Hall! I am adding mega {{{prayers & vibes}}} for your good health, little boy....and for encouragement and continued happiness for Mommy & Daddy! Please, Please keep us posted, Laura!! Hugs, Susan
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Congratulations on your baby!!!

I am sending strong prayers & vibes your way!!!
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Congratulations, and plenty of positive, healthy baby vibes on their way.
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Sending strong healthy baby vibes to Brandon
Congratulations Laura!
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Congratulations to you and the best of luck for little Brandon! I am sure he will soon catch up and do just fine.
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Congratulations on your new baby!! Sending good vibes to you and the new baby.
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Congratulations!!!! How exciting!

Lots of good, healthy vibes going out to you both. My family has had a few premature births, including myself, and I'm just fine. My brother in laws twins were born months premature, and everyone is just fine. It is amazing what modern medicine can do today, but I don't think you little boy will have the need for it!
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: Congratulations :
Welcome to the world Brandon Hall Davis
Prayers & good wishes to you & your family

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Hi Brandon,
Congratulations on your new baby!! Sending good vibes to you and the new baby.
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Congratulations, Laura and Brent!

And Welcome to the world little Brandon Hall

Sending lots of good vibes, thoughts and prayers your way!

Thinking of you all and sending lots if positive thoughts your way

Love Eva and Cats xxx
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Big or small, early or late, babies are such a joy. I'm saying a prayer that Brandon is better soon (science is amazing these days!) and that he can start his life at home with mommy and daddy real soon .
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Oh, congratulations! I'm sorry he came so early, but I agree that he will be fine.

When I went to nursing school and was in the neonatal intensive care nursery, I remember looking at those teeny tiny babies, and wondering how they would do long term. When I asked the question out loud, a 20 y/o girl who was volunteering told me that she was one of the first premie babies cared for at that nursery, and she was doing great! In fact, she excelled at school and was a beautiful young lady!

Prayers that Brandon will grow stronger each day, and that you and Brent will have peace of heart in knowing that he is well.
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Congratulations, Laura! Little Brandon will be in my thoughts, as will you and Brent.
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CONGRATULATIONS on baby Brandon`s birth.
I`ll be praying that all will go just fine for him
We had a grandaughter born at 23 weeks, weighing 1 pound and 6 ounces....she is 10 years old now and doing great. The preemies these days have so much more going for them. It`s amazing !!
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What wonderful news!!, I wish you and your new addition good health vibes!!
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Awww, Congrats!

My youngest sister was born 2 months premature, weighing in at 4lbs. And spent her first three weeks of life in a incubator at the hospital. Hopefully your boy will be alright, and can come home ASAP!
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Congratulations on your new addition. I'll be praying for baby Brandon.
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Welcoming hugs and prayers for baby Brandon to grow strong and healthy
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