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Sharing some pictures of Zombi

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I should probably go re-introduce myself in the proper forum, since I haven't been here in a very long time, but right now I'd rather just jump right into the picture sharing. I actually went out and bought my own digital camera because my S/O's was WAY too difficult and professional and heavy for me to use [he actually knows what he's doing; if I get a good shot, it's more about luck].

Anyway, I got some pictures of Zombi and, after launching a gallery for all my pictures of my cat and trees and mountains and sky, I thought of you guys and wanted to share a couple.

The images should be small. The gallery system I use resizes them after I resize them [they're initally something like 7.2mp, which means 'unreasonably huge, but wonderful for printing], and when I upload them, they're 640xsomething.

Too much talking for the picture forum, right?

I call it 'Zombi Plotting.'

I've also got a couple of Zombi in her favourite toy -- a paper bag.

She's probably giving me that look because I'd been bothering her with the camera all day. That was the day I got it.

Also in the picture, my messy floor and the scratching post my spoiled kitty ignores....

One more....

Zombi with her other favourite person -- the one that probably spoils her more than I do, because most of the cat toy purchases made are his idea -- my S/O.
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That is one pretty kitty!
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Zombi is beautiful!!! And wow - she looks so much like my kitty Trent!

Here's his pic:

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WOW. Your cat is the spitting image of a cat my wife and I lost to kidney failure last Spring, by the name of Oslo:

I love that first photo - very artistic!
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Zombie is lovely. And she does look very much like the others in the thread. Feel free to share more, we'll enjoy!
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Zombi is so beautiful!!
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I know someone in a chatroom I frequent who says the same thing about her one cat -- that he looks a lot like Zombi. They do definitely look alike, though.

That first picture, the 'artistic' one [my luckiest of all my lucky shots], I think it's going to be made into a large framed print of some sorts. Like, a really big poster thing.

I'd have gotten back here sooner, but my computer's beeing all kooky. I can't pull any of my new pictures off the camera until I fix it. My parts should be here Monday.
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zombi is a very purdyful cat
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I love black cats!, they are all beautiful!
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