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The report cards are in...

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German - A+
Housing/Apparel - A
Algebra B - A-
Honors Comp/Lit - A-
Biology - A


I just had to post this, it is the first 4.0 I've gotten since elemantry school!

I was also named Freshman of the Month, its humiliating! They put my face on a wall for everyone to see!
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congrats good job
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Congratulations!! Well done!!
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Congratulations on a job well done. You shouldn't be embarrassed, you should be proud!
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Wahooo! Great job! Especially in German!
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Way to go ... I too didnt see that high cept for elementary and college
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Woo hoo!! thats so exciting! How wonderful for you! Great Job!
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Isn't that wonderful, you must be proud of yourself, congrats
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I'll tell you my results of the uber 9th grade sometime this week.
Hm. Let the betting begin...
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Yay!!!!!!! Good for you!
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Ok, sorry for stealing the spotlight:

Classic Literature (English) - A
Russian - A
Science - A
Social Studies/History - B
Physical Education (Gym) - A
Math - A
Guitar - A

A = 90-97
B= 80-89
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Congratulations to both the students, you're awesome!!!
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