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Do you believe in miracles?

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I know I do. Share your stories!
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Well, gosh, since no one has responded to this very interesting question, I'll go ahead and pontificate a little. :-)

No, I don't believe in miracles as divine intervention causing an event that defies logical explanation.

But oh, YES YES YES, I do believe that wondrous things happen every single day, and I often refer to them as miracles. I believe, though, that the "mechanisms" behind them are perfectly logical... or will be once we achieve a fuller understanding of the physical laws of the universe.

Let me share two stories, one very powerful, at least to me... and one terribly mundane, but perhaps even more mystifying:

Miracle #1:
We're a traveling family, always have been, and I've long been accustomed to seeing my parents hop in the car for a long road trip on their own. For many years, they went to Florida every spring for a reunion of WWII friends, and I had never worried too much about them.

But then one year, when my mother mentioned the date they planned to leave for this Florida trip, I panicked. I begged them not to go this year; failing that, I insisted they buy a cellphone so I could reach them on the road. I sent away for a special earpiece that would wake my father if he fell asleep at the wheel.

And finally, I insisted that they rent a larger car to make the trip in. They owned a perfectly lovely Grand Marquise, but I was adamant that it was not big enough. They got fed up with my haranguing them and finally agreed to rent something bigger.

The morning they were to leave, I took my mom to pick up the full-size luxury sedan I had reserved for them. A monster thunderstorm and hopeless traffic put us behind by almost two hours, and my mother was livid by the time we got to the rental agency. Long story somewhat less so: my mom didn't want the extra insurance, but I absolutely insisted that she take it, so she paid extra for that.

And then when we saw the car they had for her, I knew it wasn't the right car.

I literally forced my mother to come back into the office with me, where I talked them into letting her have a Cadillac Seville that had just come back in and had not been cleaned yet. It was more expensive, so Mom had to do all the paperwork again, and she was at this point barely speaking to me.

But when I saw the Seville, it seemed to GLOW, and I knew it was the one. I followed Mom home, and there stood my father in the garage, hands on hips, fuming at all the time and money I had forced them to waste.

Both my parents were so eager to load the rental car and leave that they barely spoke to me. I was in tears, terrified, still begging them not to go... they thought I had lost my mind... and I thought maybe I had, too.

I harrassed them on their cellphone for two days, beside myself with worry. I knew they were planning to arrive at their hotel in Florida about 1:00 in the afternoon on the third day, and they had promised to call me immediately from their room.

No call came. Shortening a long story: I called and called and finally stayed on hold with the hotel, sobbing and terrified... and finally, at 3:30, they arrived. It turned out that they had been just eleven miles from the hotel when someone had pulled across the lane in front of them and my mom had had to slam on her brakes. She'd lost control and gone down into a ditch on the left side of the highway, but with a concrete culvert looming ahead, she had to swerve back up onto the road immediately.

Despite bumper-to-bumper traffic going 80 mph, they somehow managed to streak across almost perpendicular to the highway without being hit. Then their car went airborne off the righthand shoulder, bounced down into a swampy field, and plowed through some small pine trees before coming to a stop with the wheels up to the hubcaps in mud.

My parents were in their late 70s at this time, but amazingly, they were not seriously hurt. By the time they regained full awareness, a half-dozen passersby were already there, opening the car doors and helping my folks across the swamp and back to the side of the road. These good people hauled out lawn chairs and blankets and thermoses full of coffee to comfort and care for my parents, bless their hearts. (Another driver pursued the car that had caused the accident and made the driver come back and turn himself in!)

Three different law enforcement agencies showed up at the scene, and each of the officers commented on what good luck it was that my parents had been driving such a big, heavy car. "Anything lighter," said a Florida Highway Patrol officer, "and you would've flipped end over end when you came flying off that shoulder."

So. I am completely convinced that somehow, I was being driven to push all those demands on my parents, to FORCE them to rent that big Cadillac for the trip, and even to insist on the extra insurance, so they could just walk away from the accident with no repercussions beyond some bad bruises, minor cuts, and a bit of whiplash. Was it some sort of psychic intuition? Did a deceased loved one put those ideas into my head? I have no idea how it came about... but I call it a miracle, and I thank goodness for it every day.

Miracle #2:
This is a very small and mundane incident, really... but I just can't explain it. What happened is that I was given a watch by my beloved, and it meant a great deal to me; but I lost it. It had been missing for months, and both he and I had searched our apartment and our cars time and again, to no avail. Finally, I started wearing an old Timex, but I dearly missed the sentimental value of the lost watch.

Then I got a call from a client to come up to another city for a convention, and I knew that this was a sort of interview for a major job opportunity. I was extremely nervous about it, desperate to make a good impression. On the day I was to leave, I packed all my things into the car and then went back to the apartment to look around one last time and make sure I hadn't forgotten anything. I checked the bedroom, and then coming up the hall to the living room, I stopped and looked around. With real feeling, from the heart, I sighed, "I wish I had my watch."

Then I took one step forward, and the watch fell on my foot.

I mean, out of midair. It was absolutely inexplicable. I felt a chill, and I looked up at the ceiling and said, "Thank you." I don't know who I was addressing, but I felt very strongly that somebody must have done that for me.

"Miracle" is too big a word for it, I guess... but it completely baffles me to this day.

Sorry this is so long... I don't seem to be able to write short. :-)
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Both excellent stories CarolPetunia! Are you sure you don't believe in divine intervention?

Okay, here's one ( your story reminded me of it):

A few years ago, we lost both our parents within weeks of each other. As we were going through some things, we came across their wedding rings (they had been divorced for some time). I took my father's ring, and my younger sister took my mother's ring. Only a few short weeks later, my sister lost my mother's ring. She was beside herself...tore her apartment apart several times looking for it, but never found it.

Fast forward a couple of years. My sister was able to buy her house. As she packed, of course she picked through everything in the vain attempt at finding the ring...nothing. It's moving day, and friends are coming in the afternoon to help her move. That morning she is to be at the house for cable and phone hook-ups. She walks into the empty house, and sees something shining in the sun in the middle of the floor of the living room.

My mother's wedding ring.
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Yup I sure do! Almost 7 years ago our daughter fell into an open trap door at a friend shouse and suffered a severe brain injury, was in a coma, had brain surgery and was NOT excpected to live at all...and they told us that if she did happen to pull through that she would be a like a human vegatable. The word went out and we found out that literally THOUSANDS of people were praying for her.
She has recovered so well that she only has some problems with concentration and short term memory and has lost her sense of taste/smell. She is doing great...and we consider this to have been a miracle from God. We are sooooo thankful!
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Originally Posted by stampit3d
Yup I sure do! Almost 7 years ago our daughter fell into an open trap door at a friend shouse and suffered a severe brain injury, was in a coma, had brain surgery and was NOT excpected to live at all...and they told us that if she did happen to pull through that she would be a like a human vegatable. The word went out and we found out that literally THOUSANDS of people were praying for her.
She has recovered so well that she only has some problems with concentration and short term memory and has lost her sense of taste/smell. She is doing great...and we consider this to have been a miracle from God. We are sooooo thankful!
Linda, I too know what it is like to see God do something special for your child. In 1995, my 32 yr. old daughter was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. It was staged as large cell diffused, which meant the prognosis was not good. The tumor was so large, it could only be biopsied, not removed. She underwent aggressive chemo and radiation. The tumor shrunk, disappeared and she has had no recurrence. It happened this same time of year, so it has been ten years. Our family dr. who treated her from birth said it was a miracle there was only one tumor, and that when this type of cancer is found, it is usually in the liver and other major organs. Maybe some would say this is not a miracle, that it was medicine. I say God uses drs and medicine to keep you alive until he can heal you. To me it was a miracle and the fact she remains cancer free is a miracle. To God be the glory.
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Yes I believe in miracles and fate.

I have a perfect example of a miracle. Last May, my husbands younger cousin who is 16 was in a horrific car accident. He was driving down a dark road and his back tire caught the curb which caused him to go flying into a tree, and it was his driver side that was hit so he got most of the impact. They had to rush him to the hospital by air, and he was sent to the ICU. He was injured more that you could imagine. the glass from his window made cuts all over his face and got into one of his eyes. He broke his neck, back, ribs, and was bruised all over. He was also in an coma for a long time. The doctors didn't give him much hope at all, and even if there was hope of him living they said he would be in a coma or paralyzed. Our family came together and prayed for him to get better. A miracle happen about a month later when he opened his eyes! It started with him moving his eyes and fingers, to him responding and talking back. To make a long story short....he is back to his normal self....out of the hospital, and going to school living like a teenager. The sad thing is that all the other children that were in the ICU didn't have such luck. I think things happen for a reason, and that there are miracles in the world.
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Well, I think Mr Teufel coming back is a miracle in itself!! Living proof here on TCS!
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Of course! I was atanding outside a restaurant waiting to meet my s/o, who was running late. I saw a man that frequented that bar where I worked, so I was not concerned when he approached me. We spoke, and he began babbling something about me having ripped him off and getting him arrested. I had no idea what he was talking about, and began to walk away. He grabbed me, put a gun to my head, and forced me into the car with him. He drove 5 miles to the river, down a dark dirt road. He got out of the car for some reason, and left the keys in the ignition. I locked the doors, cranked the car, backed over him to make sure he would not shoot at me, and drove away in his car. I drove to the nearest police station in what turned out to be a carjacked car. They found him where I left him, injured, but alive. He plead guilty to 20 something charges, including kidnapping. Since he took me over a state line, he will do all of the federal time he was given. He will never see the outside again, and I was completely unharmed. I truly believe God sent me a miracle that night.
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Oh, what wonderful stories! Yes, Clixpix, you're right -- I do believe that what we usually call "divine intervention" does happen. I just don't attribute it to a supernatural being. I feel it's more a kind of all-pervasive energy that is affected by our thoughts and feelings, and that we can consciously tap into... both during this life and during whatever follows it.

But that's a distinction that doesn't really matter to me... I often refer to this energy as "God," in fact. I guess I take it literally when they say, "God is Love."

Let me tell one more story: For various reasons, I had never had a cat in my adult life until not quite three years ago, when I started volunteering at an animal shelter. I fell so in love with one little Holstein kitten that I turned my whole life upside down and moved to a new place so I could adopt him.

A few months later, Clyde suddenly started climbing all over my chest, and he was particularly interested in a certain spot on one breast. He kept nuzzling and sniffing and making biscuits there, and the biscuits HURT... and when I touched the spot to ease the pain, I felt a lump.

The lump was absolutely impossible to find through the usual self-exam techniques they teach you -- even my doctor couldn't find it! I had no insurance, so I hadn't had a mammogram in years, but a friend who works for the American Cancer Society found me a federal program that would cover a mammogram and whatever else was necessary.

The lump showed up clearly on the mammogram and on a subsequent sonogram, and so did a network of tentacle-like structures around it. This, they told me, is exactly what cancer looks like.

Long story less so: my mother took me down one early morning for the surgery, a day surgery, and it went fine. I came out of it very quickly, and after being discharged, I felt so fine that Mom and I went to our favorite restaurant for an nice Italian lunch -- and while we were eating, I got a call on my cellphone from the doctor: the lump was completely benign! (We had dessert to celebrate!)

The "tentacles" on the mammogram turned out not to be cancer, but evidence of a precancerous condition that I didn't know I had. This condition multiplies my risk of cancer by five to eight times, and it means I have to be absolutely obsessive about watching for symptoms and keeping up with mammograms. Just KNOWING about it gives me a much better chance of catching any possible trouble early enough to save my own life.

And I wouldn't know about it, if not for my Clydie.
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i always carry a gold quartz crystal with me werever i go,but five years ago while running for a train it bounced out of my pocket,i didn't realise till i was on the train that the thing i heard drop was my crystal,i traveled the 15 miles back the next day, i looked everywhere,but it had gone,i was upset at the time,and as time went on i remembered it now and again,then last year it turned up in my box room,it was cracked and chipped but it was definately my gold quartz.
i think someone up there felt it was needed elsewhere for a while!!!

so it might not be a miracle,but it proves to me that there is something out there helping us all.
and that is all the proof i need.

ps carol i think clyde is one of gods little helpers,he's definately got some friends up there
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I love this thread. Carol, itsn't it amazing what animals can do? I have heard before about both dogs and cats who can sense cancer in people, especially types of skin cancer that aren't visible in any way yet (even with medical tests). How cool!?
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Yes indeed. The grace and goodness of animals never cease to humble me. Bless dey furry little hearts! :-)
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I have a little furry breathing miracle.

Between 1999-2000 my two desexed retired show cats, Garfield and Lolly both died. Garfield had something similar to a heart attack and Lolly was chased out onto the road by a dog and was killed. I had given up all hope. These two were my life.

At this stage we had just started breeding cats (Feb 1999) and we had just imported a girl from Tasmania called Loonie. She had been mated to another Australian import. We were expecting a litter when Lolly had passed away. Not long after Lolly was killed, Loonie gave birth to six kittens, sadly the stud we mated her to (Huggie) carried a deadly disease, Hydrocephalus, or as it is more commonly known "Water on the brain" - in the first few weeks, three of these kittens died a horible death (This nearly destroyed us physically and mentally, the breeder of "Huggie" had not told us about this disease he carried) and at a few months old one of the other babies died from it too. We had two babies left, a Red Classic Tabby Bicolour Exotic Male and a Blue cream Bicolour Persian female. Before we knew this disease was genetic (I don't think it is in humans, but the feline equivalent is) we thought we would keep the little girl for breeding in the family (gave it to Nana) but we kept the little boy.

The reason he is a miracle is because Lolly was a Solid White Exotic and Garfield was a Red Classic Tabby, so these two colours together is Elmo. Elmo has both of their personalities and followed them both after having a successfull show career. Elmo is my little miracle baby.
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I absolutely believe in miracles.
1) Years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I felt like everything I saw or did might be for the last time. I wasn't a church "regular," but attended sporatically. One day in church I opened my Bible to no particular page while kind of half listening to the sermon. My eyes fell upon this scripture:

Isaiah 38:5
5 "Go and tell Hezekiah that this is what the Lord God of your ancestor David says: I have heard your prayer; I have seen your tears. Look, I am going to add 15 years to your life.

I felt better immediately. I knew God was speaking to me. My oncologist was very posative and I knew God had equipped him to help me. I had a hysterectomy, but have not had a recurrance. (I didn't take the 15 years literally).

2) When I was a kid my first cat, Salty, "ran away" when we were on vacation and a friend of the family was watching him. A week later our front door was open and a cat we had never seen before walked into our house and had kittens in our bathtub.

3) Our cat, Tripod, was found at my work when he was a tiny kitten. He was starving and had only 3 legs. Out of the 3 he has only one good foot. It took 3 grown men to catch him. He purred as soon as I touched him. He doesn't even know anything is "wrong" with him. He is my living miracle. My friends say how "lucky" he was to find me. They have it backwards. I am very blessed to have him.
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I really appreciate your kind words about your own experiences! thank you for share!

IMO...this was the miracle of the Week!......

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