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The Sentence Game - Page 8

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Dreary days drive Daisy dotty.

I pick V
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vera very viciously vocalized vulgarities verse vinny's veranda

ok i pick C
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Crabby cry-babies chime, chilling chimpanzees.

I pick Q
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quin quietly quested quarling quandries

ok i pick Y
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Yesterday Yen yest'ed Yeb.

I pick W
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Willie Wonka wasted water while water-sliding.

I pick B.
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billy bob boostfully bounded bouncing balls

ok i pick I
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Indigo indigestion, it is Irene's illness.

I pick Q
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Queens quit quarreling quaveringly.

Next letter: J
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James jerked John's johns, jolting John's 'jamas.

I pick X
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Xena xrayed Xawn's xylophone.

Next letter: A
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Always act after asking!

I pick U
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man I got this one last time!!

under up umbrellas, usurping undone underwear!

I pick W
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Willian went where with Wesley()???

i pick R
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ronda rored redicusly rolling rory round

ok i pick S
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silly snakes slither sideways

I pick P
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peter panted patheticly putting portly pasha pondering phisycily perplexing

ok i pick D
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Did Derrick dig Dandilions during December?

I pick the letter C
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Crying, Chelsea chose Cameron's cat.

I pick Y
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Yesterday, Yolanda yodeled yearningly.

Next letter! B
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Boe baked brownies by burning bubble-bath!

I pick O
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Ok out of our overalls

I pick Z
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Zoey zealously zapped Zander zany!

I pick H
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Harold's halitosis had his hamster hiccupping helplessly...
I pick C.
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Can't cut coconut carefully

I pick F
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feleicha found fuzzy, freckled ferals feeding forgetfully

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Zelda zipped zazzy's zippers

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Thread Starter 
Will Wanda Wed Wilson?

Next letter.....P
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Peering plus prying pays philip.

I pick K
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Kim's kittens kick keyboards.

I pick U.
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