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The Sentence Game

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This is a game where you have to write a sentence, but the catch is all of the words in that sentence have to begin with the same letter that was chosen by the poster ahead of you.

previous poster picked T

next poster's sentence would be:
Tom totally totaled the truck!

Then you get get to pick the next letter.

To keep it easier do not choose the letters Q or X for obvious reasons!

Who wants to try...

Beginning with the letter D
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Don't dangle ding-dongs down drains!

I choose, the letter G
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Gary gathered grapes greedily.

next letter...R
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River runs rapidly

i chose the letter P
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Polly prefers pretty purple polyester.

Next letter....C
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Cats can cure colds!

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Silly sailors sip soda.

I pick M
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My Mother munched munchos!

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Olly Opened One orange.

Next letter is..E
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Every elephant enjoys entertaining evenings eating everything!

next letter...K
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Keeping Kerry kind kills Kyle

I pick L
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Long legumes lick Laura Lottie

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An anteater ate an apple!

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Black blowflies buzz behind Bertie!

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Batting baseballs beats beer!
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oh sorry. i wasn't fast enough!
feeling flirty frightens frank!

I pick N(but this one only has to start with an n sond, the silent letters dont matter, if that is okay)
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Fred flies fairly freely

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kelly kept kissing kyle.

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Too late and you didn't put another letter!
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lacy lexas likes lollypops

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One orders oriental oranges.

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dean died dreadfully!

i pick t
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hey i was fast enough this time sam!
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Ted tickled Tammy torturously!

next letter....H
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Home-harmony hasn't helped his hangover (I speak of course, of Rune)

so the next letter is R!
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really rough ralph rides reilly

i pick h
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henry hippo hides his head

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Mad monkeys make money marketing machetes.

Next letter.....F
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Fat Freddie fed four flies.

Next letter...S
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