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This is an "Oh Brother" post

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We got a registered letter this week from our mortgage company saying we were in arrears on our loan? As we have been paying our mortgage faithfully since we bought this place, I called and the gal was less then helpful. I finally got sick and tired of the inefficiency and I called the Corporate Headquarters. They just got back with me, and it "appears" that the payments we were making went to someone else's account! I asked them who that lucky person was, and they said "they had no idea?" Now excuse me for being skeptical, but does something smell fishy here? They just did a huge office overhaul at a local office because the main secretary was busted for taking monies from the company. Maybe it wasn't just her pockets that were being lined? GRRR! Anyway, they have now taken us out of legal, credited our account and brought us up to date and will straighten out our credit report. What a mess!
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At least you were able to get your account cleared up!

Can someone tell me when the policy at just about every company changed to whatever is most convenient to that company? My husband got two credit cards in the last year where there is NO grace period. And they don't tell you that until after they charge you.

One time Xcel (gas and electric monopoly here) lost my payment. The check had cleared my account, but they didn't have it in their system, so I was supposed to come up with a copy of the check within three days or have the electricity shut off. Called the bank, who cannot fax a copy of the check, and told me they had to charge $4 to mail me a copy. Luckily for me, Xcel finally did find the payment before they shut off the service, but I never did get the copy of the check from my bank.

There is no such thing as good customer service anymore, and the policy has changed to "The customer is always WRONG!"
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It must be in the air today or something. This morning I went to use my credit card ~ the one I charge gas on exclusively ~ and it was declined??? So I called the company, they said they hadn't received the payment that was due on the 5th! I had mailed it on the 20th of last month! Of course, the lady treated me like I was the biggest liar on earth, and wouldn't help me a bit. Now, I have had this card for 2 years and have not ONCE been late on a payment until now... and it's not my fault! Thankfully I had cash, and 3 other credit cards, but what if I hadn't? It just infuriates me. I'm sure there are people out there that ruin it for us honest people, but COME ON! My record should speak for itself.
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I just got a call from a collection agency regarding an account, and I am not sure what it is. It is not a business I ever recall using for a loan or a credit card. I think it goes back to when I consolidated 2 loans from the same company, I don't think the consolidation went through properly, so now it shows on my credit report as a separate loan. But I am not sure, and tracing it is going to be a royal pain. ARGH! Not to mention the fact that I found out that one of my credit cards that I paid off last year is not showing on my credit report as paid and closed.

I hate the credit card trap, I always feel like I am getting the bad end of the deal.

Hissy, it definitely sounds like someone was taking your money for themselves. How low can people be?
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Hissy, your mortgage company isn't Washington Mutual Home Loans by any chance is it?????????? We had the exact same thing happen to us and it took 2 months to clear up!!!!!!!!!
Boy was I mad when I found out that we were in arrears by 3 months, yet all the checks had cleared my account!
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We bought a Dell laptop last year. Their customer service absolutely sucks. They seem to have a bunch of different departments that your payment gets sent thru before it posts. We have gotten so many letters from them saying how we have been passed due, when in fact we were on-time. Last month, they wanted us to pay a $30.00 late fee charge when in fact we paid the bill a few days before the grace period ended. I told the girl that I wasnot going to pay the fee because I knew for a fact that it was paid on-time. A few hours later, they updated the account. If I could take out a debt consolidation loan, I would, but we were denied last month.....

Last year, my husband's parents sent me a check for my birthday. I cashed it within a few days. Well, my birthday is in December. January rolls around & his parents ask him if I ever cashed it! Apparently, they took it out of someone elses's account! Nice, huh!
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We had problems, with the mortgage company, too. We closed on our house 28Dec01. The first pmt. was due 01Feb02. Bill mailed the pmt 23Jan02. In February, we got a letter, threatening collection proceedings. Bill was P@#&&*D!. It seems, that our mortgage was sold, 31Dec. Naturally, we had sent the pmt. to the original company. The check, still, hasn't showed up, anywhere. Bill had to stop pmt. and, by then, send a double pmt. We don't know if the Post Office lost the first one or, what. We have, since, made arrangements for auto pays, from the bank acct. This saves a lot of hassles.
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I've had problems, but with a temporary work agency. See, they sent me to work for a printing company. I went there and when I was done, I turned in my time card(the company's copy) and kept another copy for me. Well, when I went to pick up my check, the people couldn't find it nor the copy that I gave them. So I gave them my copy and they lost that one two. Then I went to were I worked and asked the manager for his copy. They lost that one two. Little did I know that I could of copy my paper and if they lost it, then I would have sued them! Needless to say, I worked for free!
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