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Oh no!

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I got my beautiful Charlie's hair cut yesterday. It's called the "lion cut". The groomer says it will grow back and be more beautiful than ever. Has anyone else done this???
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Awww! I've seen that done before. I don't have any longhair kitties though so I've never had my kitties trimmed or anything.

He doesn't look too mad to me...maybe a bit chilly though?
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Never fear, Charlie's hair will grow back. My husband used to be a pet groomer & gave many a long-haired cat that cut...they always returned the next summer in need of another one. At first I though that the lion cut looked funny but after getting used to it I now feel it's VERY cute, especially when it starts to grow in a tiny bit. We knew one lady who would get her cat a lion cut & then put him in a sweater!!!

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