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YAY YAY YAY!!! I am doing all kinds of happy dances for you!!

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What a relief! I'm so glad you found him, Fran! I've really been worried the past few days, because it has gotten so cold, not to mention the snow. Give him a big, big hug from me!
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Awesome Fran!!!! I am so happy for the both of you!!!
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I'm so glad Teufal came home. I followed the other thread and was so worried about the both of you. Spend the whole day celebrating.
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I am so happy, I am crying. Truly.

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Oh, thank goodness! I'm glad to see this post!
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I am glad Tuefel is back!
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Thank Goodness!!! Tybalt and I (and our kitties) are sooooo happy to hear that he is back home safe with you, Fran!

Was he in the basement the whole time? Is there a way he could be getting in and out?
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So glad he is back, you must be so relieved.
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YAY! Welcome home, Teufel!

And don't you scare your momma like that again!
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I am SO happy for you. This is WONDERFUL news!
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This is wonderfull News.!!!! I'm so happy for you... After two weeks. I really didn't think you would get him back..
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This is the best news I've had all day. I'm so relieved he is back. I hope you get him all fattened up again and I know you'll be giving him lots of loving.
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I am so glad he is back in his mommy's arms. I was thinking about you both about an hour ago and wondering if there was any news. I am sooooo happy there was news and it's good. I am glad I checked TCS today.

Hugs to your sweet Teufel.

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Thank goodness, fwan!
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Just in time to fatten him up with a nice big Thanksgiving dinner! (Cat style, of course!)
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YES, YES, YES!!! I'm bouncing in my chair! Oh, I'm so glad he's all right. And I can't even imagine how overjoyed you must be!

Teufel, where WERE you, baby? Were you hiding down there the whole time? What did you find to eat and drink? Did you know you had so many friends all over the world thinking of you every day and hoping you were well?

Fran, I'm so glad for you. Now you must give Teufel thousands and thousands of kisses -- one from each of us who shares your joy in having him home again.

We'd love to see pictures!
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Oh that is wonderful news!!!! I am so very happy teufel came home, I know you must be over joyed and so very releived, give him pats from me
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Fran! Welcome home, Teufel!
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Congrats I'm so glad he's back!
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I'd like to reiterate that he should probably get a vet check up. I wonder, too, if he was trapped down there for the entire time, or was out and about and just now finding his way back.

He looks like a small cat to begin with, so I can imagine he lost at least a couple of pounds.

Poor thing. I am glad he found his way back.
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Hey everyone, I say we BEG for a picture of Mr. Teuful!!!

Pretty please!!!!! And here is a sad face to boot....
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YAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS BACK!!!!!!!
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What a WONDERFUL, early Xmas Miracle!!! Welcome home Teuful!!! Just in time for turkey dinner!
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Not much to add to everyone else's rejoicing -- except MORE rejoicing! I'm so glad your little sweetie is home safe, Fran. Please do get him checked by the vet -- and give him lots of loves and kisses from all of us.

And little man? No more exploring, OK? You scared your Mum and a whole bunch of other people pretty badly.

Welcome Home, Teufel!
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Originally Posted by Big-Cat-Fan
Hey everyone, I say we BEG for a picture of Mr. Teuful!!!

Pretty please!!!!! And here is a sad face to boot....
Yeah....we need a picture!
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im so glad he is home
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Great News
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