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Strange (but funny) behaviour

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My Dani is far from social whenever my boyfriend visits me. Normally, she'll go hide or just sit across the room and watch us. Last night, she found his fleece jacket and just went wild. She rubbed her face all over it then put her ears back and snuggled it, rolling her body on it. It was precious to watch but so strange that she did it. You'd think there was catnip on it. He has no pets so she didn't smell any other animal. Any thoughts??

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I know that kitties LOVE the feel of fleece. There was a discussion about kittens and their blankets, and I think 9 out of 10 (or so) had fleece blankets. I'm sure Dani would be quite the happy kitty to claim that jacket as her own.

Maybe you can use this to get her more accepting of your boyfriend. A little trickery never really hurts...
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Hmmmm, maybe *I* need a fleece jacket too, she sure loved it :P

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I wonder if your kitty paid more attention to the armpit area of the fleece jacket?

awright. . .ahem.

Let's just say that I have this "friend" whose female kitty just loves husband's underarm area. . .if kitty finds him shirtless lying on the floor, she will press her body and face right up into it and try to get that eau de man scent all over her body in a frenzy of rolling biting and hugging . . .it really looks -- I mean that's what my friend says -- like she thinks he is catnip. My friend has no idea what it is . . .pheromones, BO, sweat. . .but it only happens to husband -- not wife.

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My kitties love fleece. Especially the fuzzy fleece mouse which I cannot find anymore. So I bought some fleece material at a fabric store and they just love to lie on it. If you check the remant bins for fleece you can get a nice size piece really cheap at Joann's.

If you have a small pillow you can make them a nice bed out of it -- but they really just love to lay on it.

I am going to attempt to sew a few small mousies out of my scrap for toys filling with cotton and some nip.

Hugs and Purrs, Dorina
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Last time I attempted to sew something, the arm fell off. So I limit my sewing to easier things like buttons.

Dani has one of those fleece window sill platforms but she's never reacted to it like she did that jacket. I believe Maui may have a point though ... that jacket was just a tad ripe under the armpits. Maybe that's what my boyfriend needs to wear in the future to win over her affection :tounge2:

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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My one cat, Cleopatra, goes wild over my boyfriends fleece shirts! She will lick the shirt, bite it, hold it in her mouth, and paw it, then she'll curl up and fall asleep on it! It's cute to watch.:tounge2:
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