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Cat too playful

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Hi. We have a male cat about one year old. He is extremely playful. We thought it was cute at first, but it is getting to be way too much. He is constantly climbing on the counters while we are gone, knocking cups and stuff off to play with. He has broken several cups and even a bottle of iodine that stained our floor. This isn't concerning us as much anymore, as we have been making sure to take anything that is breakable off the counters. But what we are concerned about is Christmas. When we put up our Christmas tree, it is going to complete chaos! He is going to go nuts for all of the lights and the ornaments. We are even considering not even putting a tree up, because the cat would wreck it. We were wondering if anybody knows of any sprays or anything that would prevent the cat from wrecking our Christmas tree, because we really want to have one. Also, there is nobody here during the day and we do not want to lock him in a room. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ps: we do spray him with water to discourage his bad behaviour.
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He sounds bored. Is he an only cat? Are you out most of the day? Maybe you should consider another cat around his age to keep him company. Rocket did a lot of the things you are describing when he was an only cat. Now he and Mica play all the time together that he doesn't run around like he is nuts anymore.

Maybe you could lay out the christmas tree on the floor, while you are home, for a while (is it really big?) and let him smell it and get used to the idea of it before putting it up. I don't know some one else will prob give you better advice on this as I haven't put up a tree yet.
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I dont think spraying him with water will help. anyway as far as the tree goes I think you will prob have to keep it up for only a couple of days and keep him away from it. You can also try to make it a little less inviting by not putting lights and ornaments onthe bottom row of branches. This will reduse the dangling things that may attract him. I sympathize, my cat was so bad we had to take the tree down the day after christmas. He was in the middle of the tree climbing up the branches and he knocked it over. This year I dont know what to do. I am thinkin of putting the tree on a wheeled cart and wheeling it in a side room when I go out or when I go to bed.
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when I first got my cat she was a nutcase, much like what you are describing your 1yr old to be....running all over the place and turning it into a NASCAR racetrack (the Molly 500 as I used to call it). Anyway, the water spray did the trick, plus just being patient (she also knows now whenever I pick up the water bottle, she's in trouble and stops doing whatever it is). At that age, they are still a kitten and just have to grow out of it. I got her when she was supposedly a 1 1/2 yrs old and I've had her for 2 yrs and she has settled down considerably. She knows she runs my house, but she also knows her limits. Nothing is guaranteed to work for your cat, you just have to see what works best for you and him good luck
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Yup, your kitty needs a companion! He's lonely, and he's trying to entertain himself. When you bring home another baby, it'll be twice the fun and half the destruction. :-)

I also want to discourage the waterspray technique. It's a negative method, and even when negative methods work, they have an undesirable effect on the kitty, and on your relationship with him.

What does seem to work is tone of voice -- my cats were very quick to learn that when I use a deep, stern voice (not a shout), it means I don't like what they're doing. The moment they stop doing it, I soften my tone and gently tell them what good kitties they are. It's remarkable how well this works!

Be very careful to hang all your tree ornaments with ribbon or yarn. Kitties are always swallowing things, so metal hangers are obviously dangerous... and the metallic thread that comes on some ornaments can wrap and twist in the digestive tract and do serious damage.

And if you continue to use the sprayer, at least make sure you don't spray toward the tree, with its electric lights!

Good luck with your kitty... and with the new kitty I hope you'll be adopting soon! :-)
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You should do a search through previous posts, I saw this same thing a few days ago. One person found a Christmas tree that you can set upside down, but I'm not really sure how that works. Is there a separate room you can set the tree up in with a door you can close when you leave?
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He definitly does sound bored - maybe get him a companion?
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Im starting to get worried about this christmas tree thing. knowing Bear the Chrismas tree wont be standing long!
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coulden't you put the tree in an isolated room that if shut won't restrict the cats movement through the house? I dno how your house is.
Sorry if it is a stupid suggestion
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hang those lemon scented tree shaped car freshners on the lower branches, the smell should put them off.
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