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Has anyone else seen "The White Elephants of Thailand with Meg Ryan"?
I came across this last night on one of the public broadcating channels, and it was such a great program! Meg Ryan was so real, and it was amazing to watch the elephants. She rides them and bathes them. She also relates a lot of neat facts in comparison with humans, which helps make the facts more impressive or real. Like an elephant's trunk can weigh 300 pounds and has over 100,000 muscles, whereas the entire human body has something like 20,000 muscles total (don't remember exactly). Also, the elephant's life span is much like ours, as an infant, being pretty helpless, maturing in the late teens, and living into their 70's. It was an awesome show!
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Thanks, alicat. I'll watch for it. I like Meg Ryan and nature shows, so I'll watch for a repeat. I wish I had known it was on. Last night was not a good t.v. night.
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That sounds really good! I love Meg Ryan!!
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You'll love her even more if you see this! She gets really giddy after sleeping in a hut on an elephant ride into the mountains and starts talking to the viewer. Something like, "I don't know what I'm talking about. Whoever's watching this, please still like me....or don't. (laughs)" She just seemed so REAL! It was refreshing. But I wanted to be there on the elephants!
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I am tired of elephabts. Just kidding! I am an avid animal show watcher so I now pretty much about most animals like the African lions, leopards, cheetas, and elephants. With lions, typically two male lions(brothers)would own a pride of female lions. But they don't last forever. Strange lions would attack the males and kill them. Then they will kill the cubs so that the females will go into heat and bear the new male's young. I once saw four male lions attacking two brothers and won. Female lions often hunt zebra, wilderbeasts, and warthogs. But I've seen them bringing down a big, fat, dangerous, buffalo bull!

But I like the way leopards attack the gazelle. Very steathly, creaping up on the prey, and then...
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