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Should i separate them??

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I have four kittens from the same litter.
I will soon be handing over 2 to afoster parent.

Here's my dilemma....

They were separated for about a month into two pairs. Dexter and Dee Dee and Roxy and Mambo. As a result Roxy and Mambo are very close, and Dexter and Dee Dee are also very close... They are ok with each other... Dexter and Roxy will play with each other and Dee dee and Mambo will tolerate each other...

The problem is that Dee Dee and Mambo are not very friendly and i am a bit hesitant to send either of them to a foster home... Should i separate them?

Is it ok to send Roxy and Dexter together? And keep Dee Dee and Mambo until they get a little more friendly??

I'm not worried about Dexter and Roxy as they are very gregarious go-getter type cats who will be fine. I'm worried about the two that get left behind as they are a little bit more timid and will definetly miss the other cats....

What should i do??

I'm trying my best to get Mambo over his phobia of hands. That's his main problem. He loves company. He loves to be pet. He just hates hands coming towards him....
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It sounds like you're very deeply committed to these little ones! I think you're right to hold Mambo and DeeDee back for now, to let them have more time with you. The other foster might not be as committed to socializing them as you are. And when they're the only two left, maybe they'll become better friends.

Sometimes when a kitty is afraid of hands, it can help to make sure you always have a treat in your hand when you approach him. After awhile, he'll start to associate hands with something positive, rather than the fear he apparently feels now, poor kitty.

Bless you for your work with these babies...good luck!
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well i'm in the middle of negotiating a permanent home... too bad they won't just take all four... wishful thinking!!

anyway, i guess i will have to separate them after all...

hopefully that'll draw the other two closer together...
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