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Hello! Just wanted to say "Hi!" to everyone on here and I'm looking forward to readding this site's cat info., readding your cat stories, and having fun. I have 2 kittens. A 5 month old female Torbie named Faline and 3 month old Siamese male named Simba. Looking forward to readding and hearring from you. Anne
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Welcome! I'm sure you will enjoy your time here. The people are so nice and have a wealth of knowledge.

I have both a boy and girl kitty too! They are 2 years old now, but still sometimes romp around like kittens. And just like in the people world with male/female relations, sometimes Trent just doesn't know when Ophelia has had enough. It's pretty funny to watch. She is a little more than 1/2 his size, but when she is done playing she puts him right in his place!

Hope to hear more from you!
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Welcome! I have 2 cats myself. A male, 2 years old, named Noah, and cleopatra, female of course, 7 months! I know you'll love it here. Lots to learn, talk about, and laugh at!!! Talking to yah soon.

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Hi and welcome,
Hehe sometimes I wish my cats were still kittens and then I remember all the trouble Misty would get into lol.

I have 2 cats Misty and Nigel, a guinea pig named Samantha and Iasis is a Hedgehog.
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Welcome to TCS. I can't wait to hear more about your babies! Don't forget to post pics!
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