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After over a week on Frontline...

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... why are they still scratching?
Toby and Tedy had fleas and I got Frontline for them from the vet almost a week and a half ago. He said it would keep working for a month...and we bug bombed the house a week ago tonight.
But I`ve noticed both of them scratching still today. Is this normal...or is the Frontline not working??? (Or am I just being impatient?)
And if they still have i need to bug bomb again???
Thanks for any info!
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I think the itching should be stopped or greeeaaatly reduced...

Please call the vet ..
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Did you use the power you vaccumm up too??
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I would contact the Vet. I've read alot of stuff about people not being happy with Frontlines product because it doesn't work. Good luck
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I don`t know what powder you are refering to. All I had was the treatments for the cats that I got from the vet. (Liquid that goes on their skin on the back of their necks) He said it would take a few days for the fleas to die after sucking the poison from the cats blood and that it would be effictive for a month. After a couple of days , when they seemed to have pretty much stopped scratching ....we put them in a closet that we`d already bug bombed in the garage the night before....then we bug bombed the house...I swept and cleaned real good...even steam cleaning the furniture.
They are not scratching a lot, but i`ve noticed both of them at least a couple times apiece today...and I`d think the fleas should be gone by now...should`nt they???
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I have noticed that Frontline doesn't seem to work as well for my cats as the Advantage. They still scratch.
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Thanks everybody....I will call th vet tomorrow. I wonder why they gaveme something that doesnt work as well? :-(
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I think some Vet just "prefer" things.Some push Science Diet while others say it's no good.
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The bug bomb might not have been 100% effective, also. My sister was having a major flea problem this past summer, and had to bomb twice (while using Frontline) before the problem was solved.
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My 2 cats used Advantage liquid and their scratching was greatly reduced.
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Frontline kills fleas after they bite the cat and it is a very good product. My guess is that you haven't gotten rid of all the fleas in your home.

Bug bombs are worthless (IMO). They only kill what they land on and most fleas live deep in cracks and crevaces where the bomb doesn't get to. If you haven't done so already, wash every piece of bedding and throw rugs in your house. Then vaccuum absolutely thoroughly - move the furniture out and vaccuum under it, and use the cracks & crevaces tool to get around all edges.

There are also sprays available for the environment that are safe with cats but I've had limited success with them (but they are better than bombs). I don't like to use chemicals in my house (I had a dog react to a pet safe spray once and we had to run him to an emergency pet for poisoning). I use boric powder on the carpet when fleas get really bad. It's not poisonious and works better than anything else I've tried.
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This article is interesting : . That vet says that it can take 6-8 weeks from when you apply the product to completely eliminate fleas (to break the cycle).
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there have been lots of complaints at the vet's offices about frontline not working very well this year.
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I use Frontline Combo, which is supposed to get the eggs and larvae too... With eight cats I find that it works great, though if the weather is hot and humid it can take a while to get rid of them all...

I've found out that if I wash things with the typical lice killer for kids, it makes the job a lot easier. My cats won't go near it because it stinks, and as it's liquid, it get in all those cracks and nooks...
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Frontline has always worked well for me. In fact, I've moved since the last time I've used it which was four or five months ago and I haven't had to reapply it. If you are wondering if your cats still have fleas, then check them over for fleas or flea dirt. Or you can buy a flea comb and comb the cats with it. If there are fleas, the comb will pick them up and you will know. One of my cats developed dermatitis during a particularly bad flea infestation in my last apartment. If yours have this, they will need a shot from the vet. When you go to vaccuum, cut up an over-the-counter flea collar and put it in your vaccuum bag to kill the fleas that are vaccuumed. You said you saw your cats scratch twice in one day, that's really not that much. Cats do get random itches like people do. I still see mine scratch occaisonally but I know they don't have fleas.
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