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Weird dream

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I had a crazy dream last night & need help figuring it out. Ok let's see if this makes sense.

I am with my sister in the dream & we seem to change from teenagers to our current age. Our parents have put us in a mental institution that is based in a mansion. They have done this to punish us for some reason. Lisa & I are locked in a room with a bunch of seniors & kids & it is driving her nuts to be locked up and wants to escape. I agree to help her. Some how she gets a big hunting knife and kills the tattle tale in our group so our actions won't be revealed. The rest of the group thinks this is great fun - in their mind if we get caught they get to be on TV when interviewed by the news about us. If we escape they still get interviewed by the news & they get to be on TV - they feel it is a win win situation for them. Lisa and I manage to break out of our locked lounge and sneak by the nurses. We head done the grand stairway and make it outside. We can't leave by the main gates as there is a bus load of children being let off. To our left is a charity car wash. By the car wash was a boy's hockey team singing the Canadian national anthem. At the car wash was a military jeep with 2 army guys so we couldn't go that way. We then say an alley way with 2 big fences on either side. We ducked into this alley and there was a bus driver convention. We tried to get thru the crowd & then we were noticed - at this point the alarm went off.

Any ideas?
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First thing is, some dreams are deeply significant ideas that your mind churns up while you're sleeping. Other dreams seem to be memories of recent events. So I usually start there. Were you and your sister in a difficult situation together recently? Have you upset your parents and they are playing mind games with you as a result? (I don't know your parents, please don't think of that as an actual assessment of your relationship!) Did you watch a hockey game? Maybe a boys' choir sang at your church last weekend or you saw a ROTC unit drilling in a park. Rule out that kind of stuff first.

Then think about the different elements as representing different aspects of yourself. Your sister who is determined to escape from the mental institution, for example, might represent the part of you that is pro-active, decisive, impulsive, impatient, a leader or feels stifled by the situation. You need to think about that for yourself. Even tho' some people write books with lists of "if you dream about this it means that", I find that most people have their own personal symbolism. It's even consistent from dream to dream.

If I was going to tell you what it meant, I would say you are in a situation that feels like a punishment, probably within your family but at least with people who are close to you or are familiar like coworkers. It seems to be inflicted by someone with authority over you, and you decide to get out of the situation. One aspect of that is drawing attention to yourself, ie. they are bound to notice you if you try to do anything. You take the first couple of steps to get out, but then find your way blocked by crowds. You take what looks like an escape route but find yourself thwarted and set off an alarm that attacts negative attention. So maybe you have a coworker who doesn't like you and no matter what you do you can't avoid the edge of her tongue.

Try imagining the rest of the dream. What happens after the alarm goes off? Do you escape? Do you get returned to the hospital? Who comes and gets you?
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My sister and I are great friends and get along very well - I will be the godmother of her child when it is born this summer. My parent & I get along great now that I am an adult and out of the house. No violent movies or sport watching & no choirs that I remeber.
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I've heard a theory that some dreams, especially some of the really weird ones, are your brain purging itself. I know that I have had some dreams that if I shared them with a shrink I would have been committed

One thought I had - Are you and your sister facing some obstacle as a team? It could be something trivial or big, like convincing the father of what name she wants for the baby or something. Is this her first child? Is she nervous about being a good mother and you are helping her through this? Some of the details may be meaningless, like the choir, but there may be an underlying struggle that you and your sister are facing together that you are unsure of the outcome.
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Wow, sounds like that dream would make a good movie!!! I have some totally weird dreams like that too!!
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