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Eating Habits: Nonrestricted food?

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I'm wondering what to do about my kitties.

When I just had Cleo she had unlimited dry food and got a packet of wet in the mornings.

Orion, my newer cat, was slightly overweight when I got him and was on a diet. He's a huge cat, but when the vet saw him a few months ago she said he was fine.

He still only gets what the bag says he should each day (they are both on urinary tract health food because their pHs were high) but he is OBSESSED with food. He will try to eat Cleo's food after he wolfs his. He'll scrounge for food on the floor, he'll try to open the cabinet, if I go in the kitchen he follows me meowing. He even has chewed holes in bags of human food that I left out (didn't think he'd do that!)

My question is: If he had unlimited dry, like Cleo used to, do you think he'd gorge himself or would he learn to ration? It would really help if I could give him unlimited for times when petsitters come, etc.

What do ya'll think?

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I imagine he'd gorge himself. Is he a rescue cat? We had a former feral whom we couldn't free feed, because he would never leave a morsel in his bowl, no matter how many times we filled it. We had the same experience with shelter dogs. He (the cat) didn't steal food at home, but he would from shopping carts in the local supermarkets' parking lots.
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No, he's not a rescue!!! However, I'm not sure how he was with food with his previous owner, all I know was that he was on a diet when I got him.

Thanks for your reply!
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I would feed him the required amount of dry food like you are, but maybe get some of that food in cans, and give him half of a can AM/PM. That might help give his tummy something more to chew. A good expiriment to see if he'll gorge is Say the thing says he should have 1 cup a day, put a cup in his dish and see if he eats it all in one sitting. If he eats the whole thing, then free feeding probably wouldn't be a good idea.
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reading ur post, i think ur cat wud definitely gorge himself to the fullest resulting the fellow to be overweight. Therefore, i wud suggest give him a fix timed meal. as for me, i feed my cats 3 times a day since I know my Wesley (4 years) n Rico (6 months) will tend to overeat.
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