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Are there any other Largemouth Bass fisherpersons here?

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My abiding passion(well, one of them ) is fishing for l/m Bass here in middle GA. I fish only in small waters out of a 10'x4' plastic boat, using only artificial lures. I practise "catch, photograph, and release". No problem with anyone that keep's a few, especially the smaller ones for eating but I won't be bothered with the cleaning, etc.

Here are a few pics of some of my catches:

4 lber


Miccosukee jacket

Hope to hear from some other Bassers

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My fiancè is an offshore fishing captain. He's one of those lucky guys that gets paid to fish . Anyway, if I was ever able to get him on TCS, I'm sure he'd talk fishing with you! He's caught some incredible large mouth bass at his hunting land in Burke county (Yup, we live in GA, too!).

Those are some excellent pictures!
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ugh (rolls eyes) you and my husband (man its funny calling him that) charlie fished with a local group here for a while but hes been working so much that he hasnt been fishing in the past year its getting so its kinda hard to live with him lol. i just wanna kick him out the door at 5 am on sat. and tell him not to come back till hes caught something lmao. hey at least id get to sleep in hahaha who am i kidding you can't sleep when you have kids.
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I don't go bass fishing that much now that I live at the beach. I do get offshore sometimes.......well a lot. I have my 100 ton captains license. but not to go fishing. I was out last year with some friends fishing for stripers and got this big blue

Well, big for this part of the east coast. 16lbs and a catch and release citation
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In freshwater all I ever catch are sunfish, but once I almost caught a black carp. In saltwater I almost always catch a crab, once I caught one of those fish that walk underwater, I think it's called a Sculpin?
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I love it! Great photos! We have bass in eastern WA up here, along the beautiful Yakima River. I love it on a sunny, hot day to be there, hearing the river gurgle and watching the grasses blow in the wind. We love to fish for bass, it's a nice break from our icy cold water salmon and halibut. Here's the Yakima:

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Your photos were great! I don't mind fishing but me and hubby just cannot seem to catch them I think we have caught a total of three large mouth bass Here we are happy to catch anything
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WOW! I did not expect so many replies to that post Thank's for looking.

ZD: Nice Blue young man

Here's a couple more pics:

4.3 lbs


I had just fallen in the water before catching that Bass. See the little dock behind me? As I was leaning over to fill a cooler with water(to transport some smaller Bass to another pond near there), I toppled in and landed right on the top of my head . I hate cold weather and it was 45 degrees that AM but I stayed and caught 5 or 6 from the bank.

5 lbs

Those were caught out of my branch manager's farm pond located inbetween Ft. Valley and Marshaville, GA.

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Oh Charlie would be soo jealous of those pictures lol!!!!!
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