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Not cat related but........

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I feel so good I can hardly contain myself! I found two dogs last night eating out of our garbage at work and when i called the police to ask what to do, they told me "well the animal control officer is off so you'll either have to tie them up there for the night or let them go!" can you believe it!? on a busy street no less! SO I took them to my car, put them in, finished my work and took them to the humane society. I put them into the outside cage thingy( i hated to do it but it was better then the alternative,letting them go) filled out the paper work to the best of my ability and went home.
I hardly slept a wink worrying about those dogs. the wind was blowing and they were outside in a cage. there was a tarp covering it and there was a doggie house with a door but still, I hated to leave them there.
But today i called and the people told me that the brown dog was already reclaimed and the black and white one was in the process of being reclaimed! YIPPIE! they were in the care of someone (the owners were out of town)and they had gotten away from her. SO I am glad I did what my heart told me to do and that I didn't listen to the others who told me to "let them go!" even my co workers told me to. unbelieveable! i asked her, what if this was your dog? how would you feel, knowing that someone could've taken it in and to the shelter, but instead, just let it go? do you want to know what she said!? oh well, it's their own fault for letting them run! I just about died! stupid trash in this town! sorry i just wanted to tell you about me good deed for the day not rant about the stupid people in this town!
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That is definately a great deed! I am sure the owners appreciated it.
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Great job!!!!!!!
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Good for you!

As far as your coworker is concerned, remind her that dogs can jump. Sometimes the owner doesn't let them out, they just get out. Even from a yard with a fence.

And good for the owners for calling around. I've known a few people who didn't or couldn't pay the fine or whatever, and what a waste of a good animal THAT is!
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Wow - as they say "good job man!!!"
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Nice work. It good to know that there are caring individuals like yourself in the world.
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No good deed goes unrewarded. Even if it is just that you know that you did the right thing. Thank goodness there are people out there like you. I know that the owners of those dogs are thankful for the angel that took care of their babies!
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How rewarding it must be to know how happy you made their owners. My dog, a collie, was caught outside in a thunderstorm. He was terrified of storms, but no one was home to let him in. I made all the usual telephone calls, and drove all over the area calling his name, to no avail. The next morning I got a call: "Is your collie missing?" I was overjoyed. We have a five foot cyclone fence around the back yard, which is about an acre of running room. He was so terrified he had managed to jump that fence! Not only that, but he must have run and run, and changed directions many times. The poor frightened, bedraggled baby. Finally, he ended up in a town about SIX miles away. He walked up to the kids waiting for the school bus, and a mother saw his ID, thank goodness! Many people would have been too frightened of a big dog. I'm glad collies love kids! And I'm glad you were kind enough to make two families happy!
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Good for you!!!!!
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That was so very sweet of you!! Good job!
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Great job jugen!!!
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Best job ever!!!!
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