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I need some "work hard" vibes...

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Ok, I really need to get a lot of school work done this weekend. It's getting close to the end of the semester so there's just a few more weeks to go!

here's what I would like to get done this weekend...

- write at least the first draft of my short essay (due Wednesday)
- finish my long research essay (due Tuesday)
- read up to chapter 14 for American History

Since I have no classes on Friday, I went to my universtiy's other campus (which is less crowded than the main campus) all day and did quite a bit of work. I finished the reading for my short essay and managed to put ideas together in an outline (that took most of the day!)
I also read chapter 12 in American History.

Tomorow, I'll probably once again "lock" myself in a library and work all day.

I'm still really enthusiastic about my classes so it's not really a torture... but I need to work hard still. End of semesters can get very tiring.

So if anyone could share some vibes and show interest in my progress (you can fake interest, that'll be fine too ) that would really help! I work harder when I know that someone will be proud of me
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Hey! We all believe in you, so believe in yourself too! YOU can DO IT!! How bout you take a deep breath and get it of it out of your way so you can relax. Remember--this semester can't last forever, thank God!

{{{{{{{{{{{TONS of 'work-hard' vibes!}}}}}}}}}}}}

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I was just taking a break for dinner... now I'll go back to work.
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I hope that you're getting TONS of work done!!
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I love hearing stories of all of us as we work hard for our goals. I remember my college days of working so hard and the amazing feeling when got everything done. I spent many a day and night at the library. I am so proud of you. Please keep us informed and many many many good study vibes coming your way.

Patricia Conley
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unfortunately, I didn't get much done last night. My neighbors turned on their music just after I started and it was really distracting and put me in a really bad mood.

so all I got done last night is a little bit of work on my research essay and I read a few pages in American History.

anyways, I'll go take a shower now and get ready to leave for the library. I'll stay there until the end of the afternoon, then I'm going for dinner at my grandparents.
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Here's the update. I'm not getting as much work done as I hoped but I think part of it is because I underestimated the amount of time it would take me to get things done.

Anyways, I am about 2/3 done with Chapter 13 in American history. I'm hoping to at least get that chapter done today.
I'm almost done the first draft of my short essay. Only one paragraph to write and then the conclusion. I should have that done soon
And I did a lot of work on my long research essay. I edited the whole thing and wrote an intro and conclusion. I will still need to re-work the introduction and conclusion and then type in all the footnotes and the bibliography. I'm almost done!

Ok. back to work for me!
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