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Pippi and Prissi (new members)

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The white one is Prissi, shes about 4. Pippi is the one with all the colors. She is about 13 or 14. I'd like to know what kind of cats they are. I think Pippi is a calico, and I don't know what the other one is. I thought she was persian, but I was reading about all white cats and she has some of the behavior that is common in Turkish Angola cats, but I don't know what she is.

Here is Prissi

She is hard to photograph

Her tail is huge and soft

Here is Pippi, I tried to move her blanket, but she got mad when I did so I just took the picture like that.

Here is a better one of Pippi
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Pippi is definatly a calico!!! Prissi does look like an angora if I do say so myself, maybe a little persian to by the looks of her face. They are both super cute
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Awwwwwww both of your babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
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Gorgeous Babies!
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Oh, WOW! They're both lovely!
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Oh my what beautiful furbabies!!!
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Oh, very pretty cat's...Thanks for sharing..
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They are very very beautiful!
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Oh aren't they beautiful!!
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What pretty cats. Mine also like to be covered up with a blanket when they sleep.
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Awwwww... Those are cute pics! I love Pippi!! But isn't she a little bit round?
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They are cute! I love the blankie!
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Gorgeous kitties!!!
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