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oh Leah, how devestating for you. I am so sorry. I must admit I had a tear when I read your post and I have had to come back to write a reply.
We all know how much you were trying with this little one. We all know that you had to move the mattress as you tried everything else... you dont need to apologise.
Thankyou for caring about this boy

good luck little boy - stay strong and come back and visit Leah so she knows your okay
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Well, safety first. At least he's better off than if those melting wires had started a fire.
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Originally Posted by Kathylou
Well, safety first. At least he's better off than if those melting wires had started a fire.

I suppose....I never thought about it that way...That's kind of a depressing reply.
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If you have had pets or kids before, you learn that we all sometimes make a mistake. I'm very sorry your kitty is gone! You had such high hopes for helping him, and you really tried to learn so much to accomodate him. I'm sorry he got out the window. I'm sorry that you will be worrying about him for months to come. (I speak from experience, as I have adopted feral barn cats!)

There is a silver lining to this cloud; you have learned about how to care for a feral, in case this comes up again. It is almost too much to hope he might still hang around your yard and become your outside kitty, but it could happen. I had an injured feral show up after several months. I'm sure she has lived in my yard the whole time (4 acres), but she had just not showed herself after being injured. Before her injury, we would see her almost daily when we put out the food.

Hugs to you!
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Oh Leah I am just reading this, I am soooo sad for you you really tried!!!! It is not your fault, the little booger would have eventually found the window, or the door for that matter. God bless you for trying so hard to make him/her comfty, it might even be lingering around if you feel like putting out some food for it, but I am just an overbearing kittie mommy LOL so don't feel obliged to the food thing Maybe he is just meant to be outside ya know? Don't feel too bad if you are meant to be his meowmy he will come back, if not he has a lot of wildness in him and I am sure he will be fine

I would love to see pics of your other kitty!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm so sorry this happened to you. I've been following this thread every day, since I have a stray inside right now. You just want to make everything better for them and it's hard to see them so terrified all the time. They are so incredibly fast, you can't think that quickly ahead of them at times, so things like this are going to happen.
You are a good person to take him in, and good people care and they get hurt. I wish I could make it better for you.
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Hey guys...

Thank you so much for caring, This site is SPECTACULAR for help. I really couldnt have been so calm about the whole thing without you guys. So helpful...Well the package of "comfort zone" should arrive's not much use anymore, but maybe I'll put it away for another time.

No sign of the of the kitty, I really think he just left, and was very happy to do so. He really was a wild cat, and for that, maybe I should have left him be. The farm he lived at isnt too far away, maybe 5 miles, I'm hoping he finds his way back, and joins his group of cats. Im hoping he finds someplace nice to stay. But, when he left, he looked like he was very happy. Like i said, he was jumping like free willy...The air must have been like a refreshing acceleration for him.

Hence, the name I now have for him, "willy".

I think it was just ment to be...he was ment to be outside, and if ANYONE would have took him in, he would have been the same way, and maybe ran out a door, or gotten away. It's his world out there, and I think I may have either helped him know what "inside" feels like, or either scarred him for life. I dont think I scarred him much, because we never hurt him, or intentionally tried to make him uncomfortable. He just wanted to be outside.

That's all there was to it. He was under the bed for a reason, because he was scared, and that was the only place he felt safe. He wouldnt come out, he never explored, he wasnt curious about what the room smelled like, or looked like. He was furious at me for ever bringing him into this walled place of no escape.

I am in the searching for a new kitty. I think I will go the "domestic" route this time. It's probably better as I now know I'm not a good Feral mommy. It was a mistake, that I can never take back, and I am thoroughly embarrassed about it.

I will be able to have pictures of my kitty that I've had for a while soon on here. I want to make a signature with him in it. He's so fat and loving. We adopted him about a year ago, and he's been happy as a peach (i'm not sure how happy peaches are, but you'd think they are pretty happy due to the "i'm peachy" term), ever scince he stepped foot in our house, He was kept in such a small when we brought him home, he was running around smelling everything, and purring, and wiping his scent everywhere.

I suppose I thought that that's what "willy" (or should I call him "free willy"?) would do too...But i was dead wrong. Never seen it comming.

I will also let you know about my search for the new kitty.

Thanks so much guys....

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Ok, I am wondering if maybe I should change my thread now, because this one kind of makes me sad. Not like super sad, I just dont feel so awesome about it.

no sign of willy anywhere.

But i have mildly good news, I think I am getting the perfect kitten.....I just hope it goes through...I will let you know, Im very excited, and I dont want to talk about it too much as I will be sad if the kitten is gone already.
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Man this is so sad. I just caught up on this thread now after everything is done. But that really sucks, when you try everything possible and one stupid little thing, and he is gone. Maybe you will see him around someday.

I am curious though, did you try putting his poop outside to lure him back with his own scent? Or leave food out or a trap?
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to you, Willy is out there happy and healthy - he will be okay.

let us know if your news comes to fruition... (I wont say much either, just silently keep my fingers crossed for you)
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Alright! YES! Great news! I got a baby kitten.

I got him off of "postaroo" where you can look at stuff, kind of like just a site where you can let people know you are selling something.

I am not sure what kind of kitten it is...he looks like a himayan persian teacup. Because he's 12 weeks old, but he still can fit in my hand. He's sooo cute!!

I will have pictures soon...Just wanted to up-date you guys.
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Cool Leah!!!! I will be waiting for the pics LOL Congrads!!!
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Hey guys, quick Ive been doing everything right to introduce the new baby to my current cat. The baby "mushy" want to play with our kitty so bad, and "kipper" just doesnt want anything to do with him.

Ive kept them separate, and did the blanket thing, and they have actually eaten right next to each other, but the whole time they ate within 2 feet of each other, kipper was growling. He wont let the baby come near him. I've taken it slow, they havent been "face to face" by free-roamig or anything. They've switched room a couple hours a day...but Kipper just wont accept this.

Should I let them meet? I'm scared kipper will get the baby, and hurt him...he's so so tiny, and kipper, he's a big boy. He's 14 lbs of love to us, but to the baby, he's 14 lbs of "im gonna kick your butt" Any tips? it's been a few days, should I wait another week? the poor little baby just wants to play with him, but kipper growls at him, and hisses SOMETIMES, his ears never go back, and when the baby is out of his site, he kind of looks around like "where'd he go"

Kipper is very interested in Mushy, but whenever the opportunity arrives, he gets mad.

Oh, and is it OK for cats to EAT catnip?? We just introduced catnip to Kipper, he's never had it, but he went to town on it...rolling in it and eating it like it was food.

Is that ok?
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I would suggest one more week of primary seperation, but you can let them venture out together so that your resident cat can get the point that he's here to stay lol . It took a month for my cats to begin playing together and 3 weeks to stop the hissing and growling. Strangely I think it's best to sort of let the cats work things out on their own slowly. Just be sure not to let them fight, if they begin to wrestle let them be as long as it's not violent and be sure not to punish your previous cat for growling and hissing.
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We kept Bijou and Mika separated for a full month when Jennifer brought Mika home. They were alllowed supervised visitations when we were around to keep an eye on things and if there was any roughness they were immediately separated for a time out.

Now they are best buddies but still sometimes play rough but they sort it out themselves and if they get too rough we just say "OK enough" and they stop.
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hey guys...

I have just been informed that our new baby kitties name is NOT "mushy"....

It is Mister Mushi Face.

Yes, that is what it is, the husband says. I think Mushy was fine. lol

I have lots to ask about Mister Mushi Face's progress with Kipper, But I am so so tired, and will be on tomarrow to ask.
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Originally Posted by lilleah878
hey guys...

I have just been informed that our new baby kitties name is NOT "mushy"....

It is Mister Mushi Face.

Yes, that is what it is, the husband says. I think Mushy was fine. lol

maybe you could start a new thread for Mister Mushi Face
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Ok, I am going to start a new thread for my current expedition of bringing Mister Mushi Face into my home with my resident cat Kipper.

So, for more info on my story, go to my new thread. I'll put it on here when I get it started. Thanks so much huggles for that idea.

Here's the Link....
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