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ok, today. No change. In fact, I have went in there and checked on him a bunch of times last night, and slept in there, and woke up for work this morning, and did all my things, and when i came home from work. He HAD NOT moved at all from the exact same spot that he had when he jumped 7 feet in the air to get up there.

And now, it smells like like kitty pee pee in my bedroom. So i am sure he peed, and didnt still yet did not move for that.

We know he isnt injured, weve had an injured cat before. Our little kipper broke his femur in half and had to surgery, and a cat in pain, i think, would act different.

He did stare at us all night long. which was good because we were obviously laying down, and he must have been checking us out all night.

My husband just went in there for something, and he said he was cleaning himself. So, that is as much as he has moved in the past 24 hours.

Hasnt touched his food. Poor little guy must be so hungry. I want to help him so bad, but he gets real wide-eyed when we approch him within a couple feet.

We both have to work tonight untill late, so he will be here all by himself all night.....

Any tips on maybe puttting the litter box up in the closet? It would SCARE him to death, and Im afraid he'd freak out again. Maybe some music? Lights or no lights?

I could care less about the towels he's peed on, I just want him to be comfortable, and I wouldnt think pee soaked towels are any fun....but moving him would be a mistake.
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hey has anyone used this one product called Comfort Zone for Cats??

I am very interested in it, and am almost ordering it. I am in need of ANYTHING that can help this poor baby, including "magic calming potions"
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I don't know about Comfort Zone, but I've heard nothing but good things here about Feliway. It's not cheap but apparently it works very well.
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I believe Comfort Zone is Feliway. It's definitely worth a try.
I wouldn't try putting a litter box up on the shelf, unless it's a small disposable one. You could put some potting soil and/or sand in a flat cardboard box (you can put silver foil or the like on the bottom to prevent leaks) or a square aluminium foil pan. He's probably unfamiliar with litter. It might be a better idea to move a fairly high piece of furniture in front of the closet, and put the pan on top. Maybe he'll use it if nobody is around.

I just checked - Comfort Zone is the Feliway plug-in.
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Originally Posted by jcat
I believe Comfort Zone is Feliway. It's definitely worth a try.
I wouldn't try putting a litter box up on the shelf, unless it's a small disposable one. You could put some potting soil and/or sand in a flat cardboard box (you can put silver foil or the like on the bottom to prevent leaks) or a square aluminium foil pan. He's probably unfamiliar with litter. It might be a better idea to move a fairly high piece of furniture in front of the closet, and put the pan on top. Maybe he'll use it if nobody is around.

I just checked - Comfort Zone is the Feliway plug-in.
Thanks Jcat for checking our the Feliway/Comfort Zone thing.
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just checking in... poor little fella. How wonderful you are to be doing all you can for this little guy.

(((vibes))) being sent your way from across the ocean.
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ok day 3 with this little guy with no name.

Last night sometime when we were at work he ate!! YES!! progress step #1 that I was most concerned about, complete.

I bought "comfort zone" which is in fact Feliway, just in a little plug in to help the phoremones (spelling probably wrong), get into the room quicker, and this way I wont have to spray him with the spray. I also bought one for when he decides to roam the rest of the house, just to be safe.

He came down from the TOP shelve in the closet, and is now on the hangers which hold our clothes. I really have no idea, how he managed to make the hangers not fall, but he's sleeping on hanging hangers. I will have to get a picture and post it.

I hope that I can come here often and post about this little guy, because I am still worried about him, and still need all the help I can get.

His eyes are less "mean". He has opened them bigger, and actually looks around now. He wont let us come near him yet. But I can understand that. This is like something Ive never experienced. But it's so awesome how I feel that Im helping him.

Where he came from, he wouldnt have lived much longer. And he would have been cold all winter. I'm in Wisconsin, so it gets nasty. I am so glad Im able to help him. I just hopes he loves us one day, and loves being here.

Once again, if anyone has any more tips on what to do on day 3....of weaning a feral cat to a warm home, let me know. I am hoping this "comfort zone" thing works.

Thanks Huggles for the (((vibes))). lol, I need them. I also have another cat, and a daughter, and 3 jobs, and my husbands car broke down. So I am real real stressed, but the funny thing is...now I can go into the bedroom, and talk to the cat about my day, and he kind of likes it. lol. Because someone said to talk to him so he can know my voice, and if it is a boy cat, he's probably like "does this lady ever shut-up?"
But if it's a girl, she's like "girl, I feel ya, Im stressin right now too"

thanks everyone. I hope to get to know everyone better throughout the next few weeks.
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You sure can keep posting as we are all anxious to know how you are doing. When Simba came out of hiding on a couple occasions, he also went into the closet and would lay across the hangers with our clothes on them. I guess they feel it is a safe place.

Sounds like you are doing all the right things, and I really believe he/she is going to be coming around fairly soon. As long as you let him/her go at their own pace and not force it, I think it will work out fine.

Sorry about your car troubles - been there, done that and no fun. But with folks as good as you are, I'm sure that also will work out for you somehow.

Keep us posted please.
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OK, so what day is this? I'm thinking Day 4 with my scared little buddy. Or maybe 5. Anyhow, Today I put his food (he's been eating) on the top shelve of the closet like always, he looked at me with "thank you" eyes, but did not come anywhere near me or he food untill I left the room.

When I came back into the room like an hour later, all the food and water was gone, and he WAS NOT in the closet. Which was a big jump, I dont know how he did it, but he managed it. Maybe he had all kinds of strength from eating and drinking all the food.

So, once again, he is under the bed. He finally pooped up in the closet on a towel, which worked good, because I put the poop in the litter box, and made it point that he seen me do it.

I have not seen him scince he went back under the bed. Kind of makes me a little sad because I liked seeing him everyday. Hopefully he decides to explore the room and I see him. That will make me feel better.....Because right now, my thinking is he's just going to stay under there forever. But the food & everything is down now with him.

My comfort zone stuff should be here tomarrow or the next day. I ordered it online, WHAT A PRICE DIFFERENCE from pet stores and online. Man Oh Man! There was only one pet shop that had some in our area within a 50 mile radius, and they wanted me to pay 65 bucks. I told the manager she was crazy. lol.

So, online I bought one for 23.99. duh, obviously 65 bucks can be lowered if I can get it for that cheap.

Petguys.com is the place I got it from if anyone needs to know where to get it the cheapest. Even on Ebay they wanted at least 25 bucks.

So I am hoping that helps even a little bit. I almost want to put up my video camera and record him when I'm gone to see if he explores when we're not in there. I'm just worried he's going to never let us touch him.

Tomarrow is another day, see you all then
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Sounds like it's getting better. Just be patient and I bet he'll come around. Are you sitting on the floor or laying on the floor reading to him or talking to him in a quiet gentle voice? I would do that for a time every day.

Now you really must keep us up to date. I don't know about the others, but I REALLY, REALLY want to know how you are coming along.

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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Are you sitting on the floor or laying on the floor reading to him or talking to him in a quiet gentle voice?
Yes, I have been doing that, I belive it might have been you who told me to do that in the beginning, and right after I read it, I went & did it. And now I am liking it. I kind of just go in and lay on the floor or bed and let out what happened in my day. Not only is it good for him, but its great to think I am talking to someone. lol.

Im not a wierd-o. I just like to talk, and somethings, most people dont care about. But now the kitty with no name does.

Thanks so much Yosemite for caring. It means alot, it does.

BTW, do you know anyone here that is good at making signatures? I think I might stick around this place for a while, and help when i can, and stuff, and I'd like one of them cool signatures. But I am computer illiterate
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I agree with Yosemite: PLEASE update us every day!!! I'm so proud of you for taking in this sweet baby and for the wonderful progress you're making! It sounds like he's really beginning to feel better about his new life.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Now you really must keep us up to date. I don't know about the others, but I REALLY, REALLY want to know how you are coming along.
oh YES YES YES you MUST keep us uptodate. I might not always be able to reply, but trust me when I say I am reading this thread (I am making sure I get alerted when there is a new post)

There is another kitty on this board - Penguin... she was known originally as Penguin the cat who lived under the bed... but her owner was patient and now Pengy is apart of the family (well almost... but oh so very close) Unfortunatly the majority of their journey was lost in a TCS crash they had here. But it can and will get better. You seem like you have the patience to achieve this. And how wonderful that this kitty found you.

When is kitty with no name going to get a name? That would be a nice special moment. Maybe you have already mentioned this and I cant remember.

I am so sorry to hear your stressed about so many things - to me it seems like you have such a big heart and I hope that things get better for you - you sure do deserve it I believe.

How wonderful that you can go and talk to kitty... its one of the best things you can do, laying on the ground so kitty can see you but you dont see kitty.

awwwww i see a happy ending in this, I really really do and already my heart is exploding over the prospect of it. I cant wait for the day when you can post about the first hand lick, or first headbutt, or first anything!!! and then the first photos... oh so many things are going to happen I just know it!! YAY!!!

so many of us are here with you supporting and cheering the both of you on
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Originally Posted by lilleah878

Im not a wierd-o. I just like to talk, and somethings, most people dont care about. But now the kitty with no name does.

Thanks so much Yosemite for caring. It means alot, it does.

Hey, I study out loud and my kitties make sure I know all my lessons. They sit and look at me really serious while I'm reciting.

Let us know more about the no-name-cat.

I've got a friend who's used to taking in ferals, I'll ask her for some advice
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Originally Posted by lilleah878
Yes, I have been doing that, I belive it might have been you who told me to do that in the beginning, and right after I read it, I went & did it. And now I am liking it. I kind of just go in and lay on the floor or bed and let out what happened in my day. Not only is it good for him, but its great to think I am talking to someone. lol.

Im not a wierd-o. I just like to talk, and somethings, most people dont care about. But now the kitty with no name does.

Thanks so much Yosemite for caring. It means alot, it does.

BTW, do you know anyone here that is good at making signatures? I think I might stick around this place for a while, and help when i can, and stuff, and I'd like one of them cool signatures. But I am computer retarded.
You couldn't possible be more computer retarded than I am. HopeHacker made my siggie and I think it's awesome. She's made some others here as well. There is actually a thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=49868

Hope is there as well as a couple others. There is a maximum size for signatures and these folks are aware of the requirements.

Can't wait to see a nice signature.
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ok, so he's still under the bed. I havent seen hom once. Today I was concerned that he was stuck or something, so I took a small flashlight, and went looked under the bed whole talking to him. But he somehow got WAAAYY in the back, where I had intentionally put stuff so he wouldnt go all the way back there.

Last night, when I was sleeping, he somehow (very quietly) came out and ate. He still hasnt used the litter box, but something smelled funny today, and I found poop in reaching range under the bed. So i was able to get it out, I put that in the litter box too...Any idea on how long it will be untill he uses it??

I usually have my house smelling like a candle store, and that room has become quite the stinky one. I cleaned and scrubbed out the closet shelve though, that helped alot. But if he goes pee under the bed, Im going to have to put the matress up again to clean it, and he might FREAK out like last time that brought me to this forum.

I put food in the room today, he still hasnt come out at all to eat it, and scince he's so far back under the bed, he hasnt seen us scince yesterday. I am afraid we've gone a step back. It's been a little over a week and he's still not really made any progress other than eating.

I'm getting sad about this. I just wish he's come out. He's a very very scardy cat, and I've never had a "scaredy cat". I have always had outgoing ones. I had a friend that brought a cat home from a farm once, and that was 3 years ago, and the poor thing LIVES under there. He ONLY comes out to eat and go to the bathroom. I dont want this one to be like that.

When I brought Kipper(my other kitty) home from the humane society, he ran around like crazy purring and rubbing us, and he was so so happy. I thought this one might be like that. I dont want to give up, I am willing to put in a couple more months of this, but what he never comes out to check stuff out?? *big sigh*

My comfort zone will be here friday, I was hoping it would come tomarrow, but it's Thanksgiving, and I think UPS is closed then?? anyone know?

Well thanks so much for caring guys...
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Looks like it's going to take more time, he will come out.. Plus, if you have time, I would stay in the room for awhile so he can get use to you around.. and also like you have been with talking to him etc..
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oh he will come out - with time and patience.

You just musnt give up on this little one... he has come so far already. I know it doesnt seem like it to you, but really he has considering where he was at a week a go.
Poor thing is so scared but keep doing what your doing - lots of people here will continue with your journey and give you advise and tips along the way. I promise we will all be here with you every step of the way (even if I am on the other side of the world)

as I wrote before - that first headbutt or touch is going to be sensational for you (and for us you know)...
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I think your doing just fine with this! I really enjoy reading your updates on it too so please keep us informed! I would say it's somewhat normal for him to have days when he feels more adventurous and days when he is feeling a little more cautious.

As long as you keep doing what you've been doing, I think it will all be fine in the end. He might supprise you with his personality too! Good luck!
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Oh yes, I agree...Don't give up!
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I missed this thread until now, I was at the catwriters' conference in San Francisco.

First of all, welcome to the board, and thank you for taking this feral in. Your post did not even alarm me, I am used to this type of reaction from cats coming here. If they have never been indoors, it is a typical- "Oh my Gosh, I can't escape!" type of response. They will actually run laps over your head as you marvel at how in the world they can.

The fact that he is hiding under the bed, is again normal. DO NOT peer in at him, do not go under the bed to try and see how he is doing (unless you believe he is ill) Go to the grocery store and buy those aluminun foil throwaway pans. They come in clumps of four. Put some clumping litter and organic potting soil into these pans, and slide them under the bed for him to use. They do not have the high sides of a typical litter pan, and you need more than one pan for him anyway. These work quite well. You want to be careful, you cannot let these pans just sit for days with organic potting soil or you will have a bug infestation.

To get him to eat, do not feed him out of a bowl. Feed him off a cookie sheet or a flat plate. To encourage drinking, place cleaned pebbles in the bottom of a glass bowl and fill the bowl up with water.

If you can, bring some of the outdoors indoors. I get dry leaves and put them in a low cut cardboard box for their first bed. I have even dragged limbs into the cat room upstairs so they can hide behind them and feel safe.

Keep the room dimly lit. Burn night lights or put in dimmer light bulbs. Keep your voice down when you talk to him, don't make eye contact with him. If he stops eating completely, get him in to the vet.

Just a comment- you want this cat to act like a typical cat. He won't. He won't ever be a lap loving wonderful purr partner, that is part of the uniqueness of feral cats. They are independent spirits (unless they have been broken by being "tamed" in a cage). Let him be who he is and love him for it. I have fourteen cats here, all ferals or strays. Some will come and share our lap for a few, but the first loud noise, thump on the door, or anything else startling will make them bring out all their claws as they leap off our lap. This is normal.

Your best bet is to pretend that this cat does not exist other than setting up a feeding schedule, litter pan emptying, filling the water bowl- all at the same times always in the same place and also scheduling times that you go into the room and just sti on the floor read a book, sing to him, talk to him without making actual contact with him. You want to stay on schedule, you do not want him to be surprised by you appearing in his domain without him knowing beforehand that you are coming. (I always announce myself) before entering their room.

It is also helpful to not put a solid door between you and this cat. A screen door, a homemade door made of chicken wire and 2x4's He has to be able to see you, smell you, hear the beat of the house and it will help him relax a lot quicker.

Put what you need on the backburner for now, and just let him be the cat he is. Once you accept the fact that he is an individual cat, it will go better for both of you-

Good luck
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Ok when I seen the last post, I was like "whoa" it blew me away because she knows so much. Definatly a cat person. lol. But it was all very good info, and thank you thank you so much!

It's kind of sad that she didnt think he would ever be a typical cat. I was hoping that. But me and my optisim always seems to think maybe, just maybe....he might be decently normal.

I know he's got it in him...He looked at once with cute little eyes like he was saying "thanks" But then his eyes went back to being "take a step back missy"

As for his progress, I have to say it isnt the best. We have gotten no progress in the past three days, scince he got out the top shelve in the closet, and went back to the far away spot under the bed. He ONLY comes out eat....He even poops under there. Which makes this even harder...

I have been able to reach the first poop, but this second one today is pretty far back, and I need to move the mattress. Now it's only been there for a couple hours, But I NEED to move that mattress to get to it. And soon. I am such a "smell" freak. Now, This is going to FREAK him out, just like last time...and then instead of no progress, I'd be taking a step back on the progress meter. And what if he hurts himself this time, It will just break my heart.

Any ideas on this?? I need some help with any idea on how to get the poop out without moving that mattress, or help with getting the cat OUT from under the bed to move the mattress to clean the poop, and POSSIBLY make it so he cant go back that far. I had already moved stuff in the back so he couldnt get back there, but he MOVED them! seriously, no joking, he moved boxes and bags to get back there.
We had to move one of the boxes to get to a wire we needed, and he moved it back to where he had it. He's loony I tell ya.

Ok, so any ideas?? and maybe i need some more help on making any progress. It's so sad to know he's under there ALL day, and only comes out to eat when we arent there. At least being in the closet, he had to see us...I havent seen him in 2 days.

The comfort zone will be here on monday they say, because of the holidays...Im hoping that will help, even just a little would make me happy.

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lilleah, I just saw this. I think you are the best to work with this kitty. I am praying for you. Hissy and some of the others here know SO much. Everyone here is loving and helpful. I wish you the best. Bobbie
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is the poop on some sort of tray? or directly on the floor? is there anyway some sort of device could be used to help scoop it up? hmmm like a spatula or something.. i dont know, trying to type and think quick for you.
when you say you need to move the mattress, is that because you cant fit in the space between the floor and bed?
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HI! I just caught up on this thread, and I just wanted to commend you on the great job you are doing with your little scaredy cat. I have one, too. She was abused before I got her. She spends a lot of time in her safe, little closet, and does not like the other cats. It is such a thrill every time she comes out to be petted, or jumps into bed with us for a cuddle. She has just lately decided she likes to be held for short perods of time. We have 2 "normal" kitties, and love them dearly, but it is really special when Pearl makes a little progress, or does something very brave. Best of luck on making progress with your little one. Have you ever chosen a name for him? What does this little one look like? We would live to see pics when you think it might not frighten him to have one taken.
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Oh, I feel your pain. My situation is different, because mine are babies, but it is so hard to have a beautiful animal, and not be sure what will come of them.

I hope you can scoop the poopy out without lifting the mattress. And get those foil pans to put under the bed for him to use. Cats are clean, and he will prefer using a litterbox, once he tries it.

Hissy is not saying that he will not make a fine pet someday. He just won't be the "jump on your lap and cuddle" kitty. He will be a companion, like a tame deer. Not a puppy dog, but a wild thing who in time learns to trust you, as you learn to trust and accept him. A kitty who your visitors may never see, but who will claim your home as his safe place in the world.

Since he peed on a towel at first, maybe even try a towel in an aluminum tray for him to pee on, until he gets the hang of it.

And if you put in a box with a hole cut in it, full of straw or leaves, he might move into it rather than under the bed. It would have to be placed in a dark corner, like behind the dresser or under the bed, but it might be more comfortable for him.

Time and patience are the key. The feliway/comfort zone made a huge difference in my Jill who was semi-feral. It seemed to take away her terror, allowing her to begin to make some progress with us.

I will continue to read the thread and check in, even if I don't post often. I have high hopes for you and this kitty, based on your treatment of him. I think you have done so much right, that he is bound to come around one of these days.
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I just picked up on this thread. It sounds like you are making progress already. Anybody that can put up with all that poop and pee without getting mad has got to be a good cat person. Most cats have a real good startle reflex, and I have seen them jump straight up three feet when they were surprised. If you have to move the mattress, I imagine you just move kind of slow, and talk to him while you do it. I agree with everyone else: I want to keep up with this story as it unfolds. And pictures are always great!
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O.K., first, know that you're not alone. Know that, for sure and certain, there are people here who understand what you're going through, and what you're doing for this guy.

Thank you, from my heart and from my half dozen (all of which were strays and/or ferals) they send purrs and love.

I'm the proud slave to Penguin, the cat that lived under the bed. Her thread is in this forum, as a repost and consolidation of another thread.

To be brief, here's Pengy's story.
Year one: she eats on the porch, and I try to befriend her. She won't let me, and gets skinnier and skinnier. She's not moving well, so I decide to trap her. it took a month and a week to actually get her into the trap. I got her to the vets and checked out thoroughly. She has healed fractures of her spine, both hips, and her left femur was broken in 4 places. Her tail had also been chopped off. The vet thinks she was badly beaten by someone, and then tossed out. How she lived is a miracle in itself.

Inside, month one: she escapes from the cage I had her in, and disappears under the bed. On occasion, one of the other cats goes under the bed, and a fight ensues. She is terrified, panting and shaking. Hissy tells me to get my head out of my a$$ and stop looking under the bed, stop taking pictures of her (can you imagine her fear of the flash!!) stop trying to touch her, and just stop everything but food and water consistently in the same place at the same time.

Inside, months 2-9: I forget, except at dinner time, that I have Pengy. She lives under the bed, and leaves when I go to sleep. She has a litter box in the bedroom and uses it, and I religiously check her stool for any unusual thing (it's literally the only evidence that there is a cat here.). On occasion, there are cat fights, but nothing too severe. Eventually, they don't care if she's there or not. I try to ignore her, and despite wanting to reach in and pet her, I don't even peer under the bed again. I figure she's warm, fed and safe...and if that's the best I can do, that'll do. But I want to hug her, too...and feel her purring. Maybe that will come someday.

Inside, months 9-12: Pengy starts to explore a bit more. I come home to find her on the kitty condo. I've been using Feliway/Comfort Zone, and it seems to be assisting her in discovering that the house is safe. Still, though, she'll bolt when I come into the room, back under the bed. So I sit in the doorway while she's in the condo, and chat with her, cuddle the other cats, and just let her experience my glorious presence. Someday she'll get that I'm glorious. Until then, at least I'm no longer the enemy. I still bring her food and water at the same time every day. And she is still using the litter appropriately (mostly...some oopsies, but whatever.). My bedroom reeks of cat food and litter, but seeing as I don't have a date, it's all good.

Year 1, inside, months 1-5: She's coming out more, now. She goes into the hallway when I'm in the living room, sort of checking up on me. I talk to her all the time, and mostly she won't run from me. She's really starting to find out that I'm not an ogre, and that I might be all right...maybe, someday, she'll let me hug her and be her friend. Until then, she has the toys and the other cats. There's no more fighting, thank goodness...but she still won't come near me unless it's a mistake.

She also has started getting up onto the trunk at night, sleeping in the same room I'm in. I no longer feel as if I have the feline version of leprosy. She's got some toys she bats around, and it is really wonderful to see her up there, playing and knowing I'm watching, but still...playing with good abandon.

I'm starting to think we might be able to make this journey after all.

Year 1, month 6-current: well, she seems to have decided I'm not going to kill her on sight, and that if I am the bringer of food, I might have value after all. She's been seen in the hall, the bath, the kitchen, the living room. She even got onto the sofa (while I was on the computer), and curled up. I've long thought she liked that spot, but who knew? She's less frightened of me, holding steady while I walk (with my back turned to her) past on my way to another part of the house. She listens to my voice, knows her name, and actually has been seen belly up while I was in the same room.

More recently, she's taken food from my finger (as long as I wasn't looking at her; and this happened once), I've heard her voice for the first time (ferals don't tend to make noise), and she's gotten up into the chair next to my computer chair. Huge steps forward. She's also sniffing my finger while I pet one of the other cats, and will, on occasion, sniff my finger if offered while she is hanging out on the trunk. I still haven't petted her, but it's getting closer. Maybe another year, but I am now positive it will come...it's just a matter of when.
Anyway, all that's to say that had I continued to muck around with sticking my head under the bed, Pengy still would be tucked away from me. Hissy is right - and as good-hearted a person as you'll find - when she gives you advice. My advice is to take hers as if it were the Kitty Bible, and go from there.

I know that most feral cases aren't as tough as mine, so don't be disheartened by the nearly 2 years she's lived in the house without contact. She was badly hurt by people, and so she has to learn - the hard way - to trust again. She is really coming out of her shell now, and she's a dear, sweet, loving, lovely girl. I am indeed blessed by her presence, whether or not I can touch her.

You, Lilliah, have already made progress. You will continue to make progress as long as you let your boy call the shots. Keep a regular routine - food in the same place at the same time, litter cleaned (even if there isn't anything to clean) at the same time, and always use your "inside" voice - quiet, calm, relaxing, and comforting. I sang to Pengy, although my voice is terrible. She seemed to like it...

You'll find your pace. i'm positive. And in the meantime, this site is the best place on the web for help with kits and for making friends of the feline persuasion. Glad to see you got here, hope you'll stay a while, and let us know of your progress.

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ok guys. Listen up, because I have some bad bad news. I am absolutly heart broken by this....

Alright, There was poop under the bed, and it was smelling, and I had to get it. I couldnt reach it, and a spatula even with a wet rag on it couldnt get to it. So i had to try the last possible thing to try & get it....Lift the mattress. I lifted the mattress, and to my surprise, he was pooping all over under the bed..and puddles of pee needed to be cleaned.

Earlier that day...I noticed that our phone cord in the bedroom was almost melting on the electric heater that we have..and it smelt like burnt rubber. So I opened the window some, the screen had fell out a few weeks ago from us taking the A.C. out. And it was never put back in.

So here I am, lifting the mattress, and the cat starts to go ballistic. He was again jumping to hieghts that defy gravity. And hitting everything on the way down. It was insane. I stood there waiting for him to find somewhere safe so hide while I cleaned.

Well that safe place...is now his home. Outside and gone forever. He was jumping on the walls, and he landed on the window sill, and took off. I ran to the window to try & catch him, but it was 3 seconds too late. The only way I can explain how he left, was like he was running like he just got out of alcatraz, and jumping like Free Willy.

Gone, that's what happened. Gone. And now it's like I'm not sure what to do. I know he's out there somewhere, and I think he might be where he needs to be. The poor thing never seen walls before, never was up close to a person, and never knew there was such a thing as love. And I guess, he never will know what any of those things are.

He was a wild cat, and the journey we took with him was not only heart breaking, but reassuring that maybe he really DOES want to be free outside. There are many many farm out here, and I hope he finds a good one.

I hate that this happened, but it did. I now I feel I've failed, and that all you guys cared so much for nothing. I still would like to use this forum from time to time to talk about my current kitty (kipper), and any up-coming ones I come across trying to love.

Please accept my apology when I say that Im sorry for all the time some of you spent on this thread. It helped me alot....really it did. You people are soooo caring, and so helpful, that if I hadnt come here when i needed help, I would have been jumping the walls too.

thank you so much.

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Well, that is very sad. However, it does not necessarily mean he is gone forever. Try putting the same food outside for him, and some of his poo, and any kind of shelter you can manage. It is one thing for a cat to be in his original territory, but now he is dropped in a new area.

Even if there are farms nearby, if they already have an alpha cat, he may not be allowed to join them. Maybe he will stay near you as an outside feral.

But you are right, he may just be gone. Poor little guy. You can see why it is such a miracle that any ferals ever become tame! One little mistake, and all can be lost.

Best of luck to you, barn boy! I hope you stay around to be an outside cat for Lilleah. And best of luck to you, Lilleah, in getting the poo and pee smell out of your carpet!
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