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Help! 2 Male Cats Fighting!

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We have 3 cats, 2 male, 1 female.

We went away for 3 days, and the cats were in a cattery, seperated, we came back yesterday, and last night the 2 male cats had a huge fight for the 1st time, and we have had them all for a year.

So pepsi (the bully male) stayed in the bathroom last night, we had to seperate them for there own good, the 2 boys have not been "done", the female has though.

There back in contact, no fights yet, but constant growling and hissing, there not related, but they have always been so close, always loving and washing each other.

What can we do? Were so worried about them!


Matt & Sarah
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The stay in the cattery changed their scent, so that is what they are reacting to. I think there is a way you can use vanilla to help, but you will need more info from someone with more experience of the subject.
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Typical tom cat male agression. You can keep two male cats together for quite awhile but once they reach sexual maturity they will fight. If they are not being used for a breeding program (which I assume they are not since your female is spayed) you need to get them neutered. If you don't they will continue to fight and they most likely will spray up your house with urine (scent marking). Being around other cats in the cattery probably caused them to reach sexual maturity. At about a year old is the typical time for that anyway.
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Wow, ok great advice!

We will get the two boys done right away!


Matt & Sarah
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