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My cat won't let me brush him

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Hi, just wondering if anyone else's cat thinks the brush is a toy to be batted at and played with rather than something mommy is trying to use to keep him from shedding so much!!??

Everytime I try to brush Lenny, he immediately goes into playing mode and will not let me brush him, even if I try to catch him when he's napping or up for a cuddle session. He doesn't have a horrible shedding problem but I think brushing him will cut down on it. I doubt there's anything I can do and its actually pretty cute but I was just wondering...
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Is your cat long or short hair? Either way i really don't think a brush does much for short or long. You need a comb to really get the loose hair. I use a fine flea comb on my rex - none of my cats were groomed with a brush - it does nothing IMO.
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I had a long haired cat that was like that. He did not like it! I was pretty young and I don't think I realized I might have been doing it to hard. Either that or he's getting soft in his old age because now he enjoys being brushed out.
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You could try a grooming mitt, they are available at PetCo or Petsmart.
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We have a cat who has left teeth marks in the brush. What we have done is just do very short sessions. For the longest time, she would only get three or four strokes and that would be it for the day. Over time, we have increased it so she can now get a pretty good brushing though it still can end with a bite on the brush.
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Get a zoom groom... it is a rubber brush that works great for the I dont like to be brushed crowd ...
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I now swear by the Zoom Groom!! Hector was literally impossible to brush so I bought the zoom groom as a last resort when it was recommended to me on here and man I was amazed! He will actually sit down on my lap and stay for sometimes half an hour while I brush him with it!
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Zakk hates any brush, even the Zoom Groom. He will try to bite at it and you. What I have to do is to put my hand firmly on the back of his neck and very quickly brush his back! Then I pick him up and try to get a few swipes at his belly. That's if I'm feeling brave. Then I let go and he "kills" the zoom groom for a few minutes.
Rocky will start purring initially with the zoom groom. Eventually he seems to get over stimulated and will claw at you- so it's a matter of caution. The kittens are too young to judge, but so far they don't seem to be fans of grooming!
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