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Son's birthday

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Next Thursday is my son's birthday and I'm stumped, for a gift. He'll be 24. I don't like to give money - its not personal. Clothes don't work - I'm clueless about styles for that age. For the past few Christmases and birthdays, he's wanted household stuff but, he's well set up, now. Mark is a conservative Christian, doesn't smoke or drink (I'm not sure that he's mine). This was a lot easier, when he liked stuffed animals and toy trucks. I can't afford the truck that he wants, now. Any suggestions, cats? If all fails: a WalMart gift card.
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How about a gift cert. for Banana Republic or to the Wiz. I know $ is not personal but it always worked for me - it's so versatile....
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I always leave gift certificates as a last resort. I like to give a gift of a more personal nature. If he is a devote Christian you can give him a daily prayer book with daily meditations in it. Is he a sports fan - then get him tickets for his fav team. Have some together time - take him to dinner and a movie. If he likes things like plays/musicals get him tickets for a performance. I often take family members to concerts and dinner. They enjoy the time spend together as well as the event. That is my 2 cents anyway.
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I completely agree with Adrienne. My parents made it an annual (4x annually for each of our birthdays) thing that we would all go out to dinner as a family for our birthdays. The birthday girl or boy got to choose the restaurant. It really became more and more of something that I looked forward to as I got older and we all had our own jobs, "family" and lives where we didn't see each other as often. Of course, this may not work for you if he lives far away, etc.

You could also go with the best of both worlds, and get him a gift certificate under the condition that you go shopping together. That way he gets what he wants, you get to spend time together, and you can see what kinds of things he is interested in for future gift ideas! Maybe you could take him to a Christian Book Store or something to that effect.
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Thanks, everyone. Since I'm off, next Thursday, Bill and I, already discussed taking Mark out to dinner. It's our regular monthly anniversary night out. Mark and I are playing phone tag, right now. I considered buying Mark a nice, leather-bound Bible, with his name embossed on. We don't see eye-to-eye, about religion but, we respect each other's right to our opinions.
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Had another thought for you...My parents had Bible covers, leather, that zipped up around the book and they loved them. There are a lot of designs out there to get "personal" and I'm pretty sure you can get names embossed, etc. (My mom had a butterfly on the cover of hers, and everyone knew that was her bible!) They really liked them because they could keep notes (on sheets of paper) on the sermon or bible study with their bible and keep it all together without anything spilling out.
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I was going to sugggest a bible, too, but guess you already thought of that!! The christian bookstore might be another option, if you have one there, you could buy him a devotional book, kind of like what Ady suggested, or maybe find something else there that he would like.
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