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Price of lettuce?

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Just curious what other parts of the country are looking at for lettuce prices. Last night, the price was $3.98 a head! And Tom, the produce manager told me by next week it will be up to $5.00!! Yikes!
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GEEES!!! Hissy are you talking about lettuce ...as in the green stuff.... in salads?!?!??!!?!? OMG !!! We can buy a nice big lettuce over here for about 0.70 pence!!!!! If you're paying $5.00 for it thats almost £7.00 here!!!!! What a total rip off!!!! WOW!! (are you SURE you're talking about the green stuff we eat!?!?!? sheesh it should be gold plated for that price!! hahaha)
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I saw a story on it on the CBS Evening News the other night that the prices are really going up on lettuce because of lack of crops or something. Pretty amazing. I still can't get over the fact the a gallon of milk costs $3.00!
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Yes Rhea,

I am talking about the green stuff. There is a major drought in the produce belt right now and prices are soaring. My rabbits are learning to like other things, and Mike and I quit eating salad about a week ago.......
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Do you buy groceries at the expensive supermarket such as Albertson or Smiths? Or do you have an affordable store? Here there is one called Food 4 Less. How much is the mixed green salad(the one with lettuce, carrots, and purple cabbage all cut up and bagged)? Or is there a wharehouse? Like a market? It is sad to think that things that are healthy for you is more expensive then junk food.
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Hey- I bought some Salad fixins today and the lettuce cost me $5.00. I was shocked, but its so good for me I bought it anyways. I bought a lot of produce and our grocery bill was almost double what it usually is- crazy!
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That's insane. I'm only about 3 or 4 hours away (maybe more depending on where in OR you live, but....) and good lettuce (like redleaf or romaine) ranges from $0.70 to $0.99. Iceberg, oddly enough, is a little more, maybe $1.50.
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OMG!!! I pay less than a dollar for a head of lettuce!!! I hope it doesn't reach 5 dollars here!!!!!!
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Trust me, I make sure to get full enjoyment out of my salads :laughing:
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lies in the handling systems. That head of lettuce is probably from thousands of miles away. You would not believe the convolouted system that a simple vegetable can go through from farmer's field to store shelf. Even areas that produce a product may not get their local veggies. Your neighbor's lettuce may be bought up by a food conglomerate and sold in China,while the lettuce on your shelf could be from the opposite end of the earth. It's all corporate profits nowadays.

I guess the best answer s for us all to go back to growing our own or buying from small local growers and storing it. Maybe our grandparents had it right.
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Not to mention how much the entire farming industry is messed up in the U.S. I was just listening to a report on it on National Public Radio the other day. It's a huge mess with the government paying bonuses for certain crops, which are then grown to the exclusion of everything else, creating shortages. Ten minutes of this story was enough to make you dizzy. It's hard to believe that growing crops is so complex.
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We get tons of local produce here, from the Yakima Valley which is about an hour away. I think that's why produce is so cheap. And seafood.
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It's not from the cost of transportation. Trucking companies are already hauling produce at cost or below. There are small trucking companies,independants and owner/operators going bankrupt all over the USA and Canada because they can't haul at the artificially low prices. The average produce hauler these days has $150,000 tied up in his truck and another $60 to $70,000 in the refrigerated trailer. That can be equalled by licences,permits,insurance,etc. The railways are doing it even cheaper in a bid to regain the business they once had a monopoly on.

With the globalization of food production; transportation is becoming a much bigger part of getting fresh goods on your market shelves. But if something isn't done SOON the transport industry is headed for a major crash. It'll make the oil crisis look like a kid's game.
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Yikes!!! That's the most expensive I've ever heard of for a head of lettuce!!!! I wouldn't pay that! Here, all I pay is about 89 cents!
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Well I have decided I am growing my own lettuce this year, I usually don't, I stick to tomatoes, peppers, corn, etc, but I am adding lettuce to the list!!!!!

I feel bad for the farmers. maybe this is because I come from a family of farmers, my dad farmed, and now my brother farms, and I know the struggle he goes through to make ends meet each year.

The cost of the equipment they need to use is outfriggenragious!!!!

You could buy a huge house for the price of a new combine!!!!!! My brother gets by with the one he has, it is older, so he has to put alot of expense into keeping it going, same with the tractors.

The government taxes the land so high it is a wonder they make any money at all!!!! I only own 60 acres, and only 17 of them are crop ground, the rest is pasture, and I have to pay nearly 1400 a year in property taxes!!! Not to mention the insurance that has to be had on all the land, because otherwise someone could jump over the fence, even if it says KEEP OUT, and get hurt or drown on my land, and sue me for everything I have. How does a person make it when they have WAY more land than that to farm????
Then the government comes along and tells them they will pay them an outragously good price just to plant what they want, it is hard for a farmer to refuse, when they need the money.
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I'm with you, Debby!

I'll just go down to Home Depot or wherever and get one of those shallow round planters - looks like a huge terra cotta contact lens - and some potting soil. Lettuce seeds are cheap, even mescalun or other mixes, and grows fast. You can plant it several times during the growing season.
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I just paid $2.50 for iceburg lettuce. I already bought my lettuce seeds. I grew lettuce a few summers ago, it tastes better, and is definitely cheaper.

I think it would be cheaper at the local farmer's market here, I didn't see any when I was there this morning.
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I went to the store this weekend and the price of a head of iceberg lettuce is $1.99. The same goes for the mixed greens bag. So how am I supposed to eat well? I love lettuce! Its supposed to be good for you!!! Any other ideas about eating to lose weight?
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