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Antibiotics tough to take

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My male cat (Duke) just got some antibiotics for his paws (possible infection). The medicine is in liquid form, and must taste terrible because when I try to drop it into his mouth he goes crazy. I've got a dropper, but that doesn't seem to help......Does anyone know an easier way to do this?
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What is the name of the antibiotic?
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Not sure.
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What color is it? Clavamox and Amoxicillan taste horrible to cats because they are sweet.

Scruff your cat, he'll open his outh a bit when you do, and put it in the corner of his mouth. Otherwise, get some pills if you think it would be easier.
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Do you have a syringe sort of applyer? If thats the case get a helper to kneel down on teh floor and get the cat between their knees, this way the cat can't back up and if he tries he will encounter your feet, then have them grab the scruff, get the syrince to the back of teh throat and push the plunger quickly down. Speed is important, you don't want him to taste it until he has the whole thing in his mouth and he is forced to swallow. Sometimes you have to be really tough with them....its to bad they just don't understand its for the better good.
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Have you tried mixing it into food, something really smelly like pilchards?
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my Jack is taking meds the same way. I mix it into his wet food.

Also, ask your vet if there's a local pharmacist that deals with pet meds. We have one here in Chicago (awesome little shop) that does human meds, but also fills pet meds. They can flavor the liquid to any feline-preferred flavor. Since Jack goes nuts over tuna, I had them flavor it tuna. That really helps. I still mix it into his wet food, but he doesn't hesitate.

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I would either mix it in wet food or have someone hold the cat while you do the meds. At first I thought liquid meds would be easier but now I'm thinking pills are easier
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It's white....and it's in the form of an eye dropper
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Most vets don't recommend mixing liquid meds into the food because 1) oftentimes the cat will smell the foreign substance in his food & refuse to eat it at all and 2) sometimes they won't finish all the food & hence don't get the full dose of the medication that they need.

Some people find it easier to have another person assist you when giving medication...i.e. one person can hold the kitty while the other person administers the medication. One of my kitties is so difficult to medicate that I have to wrap her in a towel like a little kitty burrito with just her head sticking out and hold her while my husband gives her the medication.

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Sometimes you've just gotta do it whether it is difficult or not. Good luck.
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It sounds like Clavamox. If you think it would be easier to pill your cat, get the pill form. Otherwise, like IO said. Scruff him, put it into the corner of his mouth, and poof your done.
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You may also want to use a piller if you use pills. Pillers seem to do the trick.
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