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Petting problem

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Is there like a nerve ending where the cat's tail starts? If I poke Pippi right in front of her tail she will wig out until I stop. Why does she do this? She twitches her head, it's weird. My other cat doesn't do this, but she only likes to be petted at night time when I put her to bed.
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Does she like it or not like it? I've seen cats that when you pet/scratch them there they do the head twitch and start licking the air. Its like they need to groom. This one in particularly was elderly and overweight. Its actually an interesting question as to whether its an actual problem or not, but it never seems to hurt the cat involved.
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Josie is funny about scratching that spot too. She lifts her hind end when I scratch there, like it feels good. However, she definately doesn't like me to scratch there too much or too long.
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Marlee loves getting scratched there! She is a manx, so only has a little tail to begin with, but when I scratch at the base of her tail she starts purring and will stick her butt up in the air as far as she can! SOOO cute!
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One of my kitties grooms ANYTHING near her compulsively when I scratch her at the base of her tail. Me, a soda can, a book, whatever. I used to think it was cute & funny until I mentioned it to my vet & she told me to stop doing it as I could trigger a seizure?!?! She called it Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome & said that very little is known about it & that there was no treatment I could really do for it, just avoid scratching her at the base of her tail. You should check with your vet to make sure that Pippi doesn't have this condition. Here's a link in case you'd like to read a little more about it: http://www.purelypets.com/articles/f...eresthesia.htm

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Rambo likes the light rub over the but , but not for long , On the other hand Stinky loves it , but love's being patted or spanked quite roughly just over the butt/tail area . He will start his purring and start kneeding what ever he is on (including us ) . It's quite funny and cute i'll have to try to get a vid of it to show everyone . My mother coined the phrase well for what we do for him "masturbating the cat " lol
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My step dads moms old cat did that. If you scratched her at the base of the tail, she would nibble or eat whatever was in front of her without realizing it I think. My cat Tigger used to love being spanked on the butt if she was lying on her side. She would smack you after a few seconds, and take off down the hall, then come back purring and lay down beside you and nudge your hand for more. My sister's cat Peaches will let us do this for a while, then just takes off. My moms cats hate it...im guessing because they are so fat it hurts them.
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My cat Ash loves it....when I do it to him, he will raise his hiney up as far as he can (standing on tip toes on his hind feet) and curve his tail over to the side. Its really funny, but then my cat thinks that all people were put on this earth for one reason only..to PET him... he loves being petted!
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