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Harry Potter Movie

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh!!! It was SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! WOOOOOOOO! I just went to the premiere showing in Copenhagen - 11:59pm to 2:47am!!! But I won't spoil any of it for you guys - this is a MUST SEE movie!!!
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Oh wow I am so jealous, it only gets to South Africa 1st of December...feels like a very long time away still.
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i really want to see it too. but i'd rather the last book came out!!
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i think one of my friends said it best "I am so excited I could puke"

i cant wait either.
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Sometimes I feel like I am the only one that dislikes Harry Potter.
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Thats so awsome! Im going to go see it tonight! I cant wait!!!!
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I'm going to go see it tonight!
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My friends and I are going on Saturday night. I can't wait.
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I think I am going to the 10:45 a.m. show tomorrow. After reading these reviews, I really can't wait!
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My cousin and I are going to see it tomorrow at 12pm. I can't wait!!!!
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i wanna go see it i think i will make my fiance take me this weekend
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We got to see it last night through my work during the special premier....WOW it was fantastic....
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I'm seeing it tomarrow.
I love the books, but I must say I've hated all the movies. Hopefully this one will be different.
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My husband, son and I went tonight to see it. It was great, all of us liked it!
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I just saw it. I thought it was very well done. Lots of people on various boards are upset because they left certain parts out and are saying its terrible because of that. I totally disagree. Yes, they did leave a lot out, but they had too considering the lenght of the book and the small size of the budget for this movie. There was so much to cover and they did an excellent job. The acting was good. The graveyard scene was a little too short, but still amazing. This is by far the best yet. When you go see it, if you have read the books, remember to watch it as a movie, not a book on screen. You will enjoy it.
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I am going to see the HP movie on Sunday with my sister I am so excited! I hope it lives up to it's expectations for me though....
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I just got back from the sold out 10:30 show. My mom and I go to the last showing of the night it starts everytime a Harry Potter movie comes out. This is the first year the late showing has been sold out. The 9pm showing was sold out also. It was great! I totally loved it. Followed the book well, except a lot was missing, which is understandable since the book was soooo long. Go see it, even if you're not a Harry Potter fan!
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the big question about the movie in the US is "is it good for kids" my responce..... "hello, your kid read the book, and those of us with even a passing knowlage of the books knows its going to be death and distruction from here on out"

the freek out gets annoying
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I'm going to see it at some stage. It BETTER to better then the last Hary Potter movies.
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I brought my fiances son and friend last night. I had to drive to 2 movie theatres to find a showing that wasn't sold out. It was great!
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I went to an 11:15 a.m. show. Get this, we were trying to make the 10:45, but ran a little late. The box office girl told me that the first show SOLD OUT anyway. Can you believe a 10:45 a.m. show sells out?????

At any rate, O-M-G, I thought this one was fantastic!!! So much darker than the previous 3. Certain parts, like the Quidditch World Cup were drastically abbreviated, but it was, once again, so neat to see the images you have read about and imagined.

Personally, I could have easily sat another 30 or more minutes, but they don't make them like Gone With the Wind anymore. Graveyard scene was very moving.

I'll be seeing it again.
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I saw it tonight, well, last night (it's 4:14am now) and I didn't realize how LONG it would be! It was great though. Though we missed the last subway and had to call my friend's boyfriend to pick us up.

I would see it again. Preferably earlier next time, and when there are less kids (including teenagers) there.
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I saw it two days ago. Considering the Goblet of fire was not my favourite book of hers the movie was really good.
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I saw it yesterday and I must say... IT WAS AWESOME!! It's now my favourite of the series (it's one of my faves of the books too). I sooo want to go see it again!

I love how they did Voldemort. They couldn't have picked a better person to play him. Ralph Fiennes played him brilliantly!!

I give it two thumbs waaayyyy up!!
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I do think it was a bit much for some of the smaller kids. Its rating for this one is pg13 instead of the normal pg.

That being said, I did enjoy it. Again I am sad that they had to leave so much out, and by doing so change some parts around. I wish they would have thought of doing an extended version like they do for LOTR for those of us who wish they would follow the books a bit more closley. I thought they did zoom through some parts rather quickly and it lost some of the breavity of the situation. (like the short part after the world cup where we are happy and suddenly we are running and then its dark) But overall it was very good.... I will see it again and buy it when it comes out.
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Now I really can't wait to see it. I generally wait till the films are released on DVD, because the dubbed versions never seem as good as the original ones, but maybe I'll go see this one in German. Hubby isn't interested (he's watched the first three movies on video/DVD, but hasn't read any of the books), but Erik (our almost 18-year-old nephew) said today that he'd like to see it, but his friends wouldn't be caught dead in a theater showing HP. If he has to escort his old auntie, he has an excuse to go see it. Aren't teenaged boys great for a laugh? "She made me do it!"
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if i were in frankfurt id go to the english cinema, but since i live here i will wait untill it comes out on dvd watching it dubbed in german would spoil it.
tricia dont you have some screenings in english there once a week??
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Originally Posted by fwan
if i were in frankfurt id go to the english cinema, but since i live here i will wait untill it comes out on dvd watching it dubbed in german would spoil it.
tricia dont you have some screenings in english there once a week??
One theater is screening the film in English, but very late at night (around 11). I don't like going there because the theater owner (Aussie) is married to a former student of mine (German), and they both say, "Oh, we can't charge you!" I'm uncomfortable with the idea of freeloading.
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Tricia, I think I'd make an exception. There are a lot of little subtle funny lines, often snuck in by Fred and George, who delightfully have an ever-increasing role.
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We walked up the road last night, for a 9:45 show. Figured we shouldn't be later getting there than 9:00. We were right. Unfortunately, even that wasn't early enough. The ticket holders line was across the plaza to the street.

It was a nice night for a walk. We'll try again probably next Saturday. Really looking forward to this one.
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