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cat peeing on rug

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My friend has a two year old cat in good health (confirmed by vet). She has started peeing on the rugs. She has tried everything, even consulted a behaviorist to no avail. Nothing in the cats environment has changed. She is at her wits end, she has wall to wall off white carpeting. There have been no new family members, no one has moved out, no furnishings of anykind have changed. Same litter and food. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Cats are very clean animals. I have 8 and scoop the boxes everyday. Could it be that the boxes are not clean? I have seen it where a cat will not go in the litterbox if there is even ONE poop in it. You might try putting the cat, her litterbox and food into either the bathroom or a spare room for 24 to 48 hours. She will eventually get the idea. Usually this is a sign of an urinary tract infection but you said the vet gave her a clean bill of health. Good luck.
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I would also read through these forums. There are 3 pages in the behavior section. There have been a few discussions on the very same problem.
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Thank you so much for all of your replies.
The litter box is so clean, it is maddening. My friend is more anal than I. At least, she knows she is not alone. I will pass on all the suggestions to her.
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What need to be done is a good cleaning of the carpets with a product like Pheromone Magic which is formulated to take away any and all cat odors. Once a cat has started to pee on a spot or spots outside the littler box they are attracted back to them due to the smell. Pheromone Magic or products like it rid the places of those smells and prevents revisiting. Hope this helps a little. Good luck
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Hi! I really need some suggestions on what i can do about a cat urination problem. My cats have picked a place my couch to pee. there litter box is always clean they are heathy and spayed and neutered. I had my carpets shampooed and then went away for a week and they went back to peeing in that spot. i've tried everything, natures miracle etc. i can't get rid of it and i'm embarresed to have anyone over because it's the 1st thing you smell when u walk into my apt. I don't know what to do. occasionaly without any reason one of my cats pees on my bed too. she is a rescued cat but it seems i change linens so often. i need help. these cats are so loved. i'm just not not sure how to deter the behavior and get rid of the smell. please email me with suggestions. poetree522@aol.com
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First thing to do is rule out urinary tract infection. It has to be tested at the vets office. If that is ruled out, you can re potty train them by putting them in a bathroom with their bed,food,water and litter box. They need to stay in there for at least a week to get the idea that the box is to be used. Then when they have been using the litter box properly, put it in a place that is quiet and private. I would use some of the brands mentioned on the site to get rid of the odor. The one I use is called X-O. If the problems are in certain areas you can also cover them up with something they cant move. Something with a flat hard surface.
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Thank you for all of your helpful responses! However, I want to correct the record. My wonderful friend posted this problem originally, and thought I said my cat was peeing. He really is pooping! Although the litter and food has not been changed, he especially shows this behavior AFTER the carpets have been professionally cleaned, or sometimes when my daughter has been away from home for longer periods of time! The vet has checked him out, he is very healthy, but I'm getting sick and tired of this! I'm open to suggestions, advice, anything!
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He is either trying to tell you he is unhappy with something or he just needs to be re trained. I would for the moment since he has checked out okay with the vet, re train him. Put him in the bathroom with a litter pan, food, water and bed. Make sure he is in there at least a week and using the box properly. You may even want see if he is getting to large for his box.
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