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I would go to work as usual. It would be good if you can come home and check in on things during your lunch hour but not absolutely necessary. Even if a problem does develop, in the vast majority of cases you have a few hours to seek medical care before the situation becomes critical. And if something significant happens, you will probably have to use some leave from work to take care of the kittens and maybe Patty too. Realistically even if everything goes well you can plan on visiting the vet at least a couple of times for one reason or another (even just for kitten vaccines) and you may have to take time off from work for these. So in general I definitely would not take time off from work at this point. What you want to avoid is a situation where you've used up your leave and/or your boss' good graces by taking time off on days when nothing at all ends up happening, because then you will be in a very bad situation if something serious does happen.
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thanks semiferal you have a very good point Update: no kittens...I wonder if she is pregnant sometimes..lol Shes been playing and sleeping a lot. Its so cute shes been sleeping with her little toys..lol Since the arrival of the pup, I've had my bf stay in the 2nd bedroom with the pup and Patty sleeps with me. She's been very good when i call her and she'll come and lay down..I'll place some toys in front of her and cover her with a blanket Shes so cute..if I'm watching tv, she'kll watch it too..its almost as if shes human sometimes..lol My bf said today she got up from her nap and picked up one of her toy mice on the floor and carried it back to the bed to sleep..lol
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Have you felt the babies wiggling yet?
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I thought I did on thursday but maybe i was wrong..shes been eating and even being a little extra playful/curious..I wonder sometimes..lol...either way, I'm keeping a close eye on her Also, Patty seems to be adjusting to her bro..the dog has been in the 2nd bedroom but she has been able to smell his scent on us and through the door..when we first allowed her to see him on friday she hissed but we pet her and assured her she was still our baby Since then I have my bf spending the nights with the pup and I've been with patty..we put the pup in the cage on sunday afternoon which is in the l/r but he just started crying non stop..she approached and hissed and I pet her and talked soothingly to her..she walked away and just gave him an evil/whatever look from the bed..lol..today my bf said he allowed her to see him as he was napping in the livingroom and she hissed but my bf pet her and she went and sniffed the pup and was ok. He took him back into the room...feel like they are on the road to living with one another peacefully Thanks again for the advice
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Any news yet on the arrival of the kittens?
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