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D.t. - Friday.........yippee Skippee!!!!

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Yippee...Friday is finally here!!!!!!!!!

Have meetings and home visits today and then the on-call beeper for the weekend - BUT it is Friday!!!!!!!

How about a random act of kindness today from all who read this - Then tell us what is was?!?
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LOL!!!! Finally it's Friday, I thought it would never get here!!! Debra, would you be interested in some snow???? I'm trying to get rid of some !!!!!!
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Good Friday to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy its finally the weekend. Thank goodness, I've been waiting for this all week!

I have a friend of mine coming to visit this weekend. She lives about an hour away and I don't get to see her that often.
But her boyfriend is away for the weekend, so she is coming down on Sat for the night and going home on Sunday. I'm hoping we are going to get some girlie stuff done, like shopping, etc. I don't get all that much time to myself, so this will be a treat!! I have my kids of course, but it'll still be fun to have an adult woman around!!!

So a good deed you said Debra?? Ok, I'll have to work on that one!!! Nah, I do good deeds everyday, I just don't pay all that much attention! Lets see.......what can I do today as a random act of kindness?????????????? I'm thinking.......I'll know it when the situation presents itself!!

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Wooohooo! The weekend is close at hand! I have no huge plans for the day- maybe some grocery shopping and a nice caffeine laden coffee from the local coffee shop. Have to get my energy from somewhere- my kids are still battling the stomach flu so we don't sleep much at night these days...

I can't wait until tomorrow night! Hubby and I are going on a date No kids allowed!! :laughing: I think we're going out for a nice romantic Dinner and then to see 'Time Machine' at the cinema. That movie looks like it has spectacular effects. But hey, even if its a horrible movie, it'll be nice to be alone with my Sweetie and act like a teenager again :tounge2: I'm really looking forward to it- can you tell??
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Morning all!

I am so tired today - I am drinking a LARGE cup of tea to try and wake up. I can't wait to tonight - going to the Toronto Rock Lacrosse game. If it is exciting as the last one we went to that would be amazing. Game starts in about 11 hrs (not that I am counting or anything.

Debra - I love doing randoms acts of kindness - I always try to start my day with one on my way to work. It sometimes is helping on of Toronto's many homeless people or sometimes something else. This morning a lady got on the bus and forgot her bus fare at home. The bus driver was about to make her get off the bus & I paid her fare for her. I just hope she takes this act and does one of her own now today. Pay it forward. Did anyone see that movie - the concept is amazing.
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Hubby just called & our new washer was just delivered. The idiot delivery men were supposed to set it up - they didn't. They also left hte back door wide open - Merlin escaped. I mean do your job right! My babies are all indoor cats - they only go out with supervison. It was a good thing that Merlin didn't know what to do with himself when he was out there - he was easy for my hubby to collect. They are so going to get a complaint call.
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No more school! Well at least for awhile. I am taking this whole day off from anything menial. Hubby wants to go to the video store and just rent a bunch of movies and sit here all day snuggling. As it is raining outside right now, this sounds good to me!

I went to pick up my film yesterday, looking forward to those pictures of the release, and the pics didn't turn out. I think I need a new battery in my camera (at least according to the photo girl I do) but I don't recall seeing any warning lights flash at me. Oh well, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing the nutrea are doing well.

Deb my random acts of kindness are usually animal related and they usually happen on a daily basis whether it is helping someone in real life or on the Internet.

ady, I am so glad Merlin was easy to get back! It is so rough knowing you have a baby out there in the big world and not know where he or she is!

Melissa? You and your hubby have a great time, I hear the balcony is a good "make-out" spot.......LOL Mike and I want to see that movie too- the special effects look neat, and the old Time Machine is one of Mike's favorite movies and book too.

Daniella you have a good time with your girlfriend. Goodness knows you deserve it at this point!

Lorie good luck with that snow removal, got any good looking neighbors that like grunt work maybe?

Oh and update on Bailey.This morning I woke up and he had a mouse! This one was catnip though and perfectly acceptable! I think he is finally perking up- though I do wish he would eat more!

Have a good friday all and a wonderful weekend!
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Happy Friday!! (sing a little song, do a little dance!)

It's snowing right now. It's bad to drive in, but once inside it sure is pretty to look at.

Random act of kindness, huh? I'll have to work on that. I don't get out much, and since I'm a secretary it's like my job to be nice to everyone!

I don't have any big plans for the weekend. Hubby and I are going over to a friend's house Sat. for movies and a bit of nip. We used to go over every weekend, like a mini-party with a group of friends. Life just got a lot busier for everyone so we haven't been there in a while. And to top it off, Hubby's DJ night at the club got changed to Saturdays. It's good because hopefully it will draw a better crowd than Thursday night and he may even get paid for it (!) if the club makes money (he's just starting so I guess experience is worth it. At least that's what he tells me ) But that means that my one social night is most likely out the window, at least with him.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Happy Friday, to all. I have to work, through Wednesday, so its not much of a weekend, for me. Starting Thursday: four days off!! THAT'S a weekend.
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Hello Everyone!!!!!!

I will be done with this huge project today so hopefully by the end of the work day I can catch up on the boards.

You all seem to have nice days planned

I'm just looking forward to going home doing some chores and going to bed early!

Hubby and I have started house hunting! Definitely a stressor right now because I have to figure out what in the world to do with our animals while the house we are in is being shown the last month we are there (we aren't supposed to have animals). Plus we aren't going to completely lie this time while we are looking for a place so we are going to have to come up with a pet deposit (we are going to tell them about the dogs but not the cats). I feel bad about lying but around here when you say 2 dogs and 3 cats people do not want you living in their houses they are renting or they want $300 per animal.

Hmmm, a random act of kindness. That's kinda hard here in Houston but I will think about what I could do.

Well I hope everyone has a terrific Friday and a wonderful weekend!
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HAPPY FRIDAY! One day to go until the weekend! My good deed? it's posted in a thread call not cat related but...
take a look! It will bring a smile to your face. it did mine!
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I had a vacation day today!! Yaaaay!!! I hope you all have a great weekend!! Melissa, hubby and I are going out to supper tomorrow night, too! let us know how that movie is, it looks like a good one!!!!!
Ady that was sweet of you to pay that ladies bus fare. I can't think of any random act of kindness I have done today....I mostly slept and watched TV.

Daniela, have fun with your friend this weekend!

Everyone have a great one!!!
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Debby- where are you guys going? Anyplace special? I'm craving Chinese food so i think I'll ask hubby to take me to this wonderful Chinese place called the Lotus Gardens- the food is so good there. Hows that little baby doing? Is she kicking up a storm yet?
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Oh I love chinese food!!! But we are going to the casino again, to their buffet. They have prime rib and crab legs on it, and I LOVE crab legs! it's the only time I get them!!!

I have felt the baby move a few times, it is such a weird feeling! Let me know how the movie is!!!! I really want to see that one!
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Oh Debby, aren't those little butterfly feelings the best?? I used to just lay there waiting for my babies to move around, I got such a kick out of it!!
And I wanted to add I love Crab Legs too!!!!!!
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Daniela, yes! When I first felt it, I wasn't sure that was what it was!!! it kinda felt like an involuntary twitch in my tummy, and fluttery, and I thought maybe I just had indigestion!! :LOL:

I LOVE crab legs....this buffet has all you can eat crab legs....so I will mainly stick to that, and of course I better enjoy a HUGE salad, what with the price of lettuce and all!
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