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my foot hurts and my head hurts...

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...and it's all my neighbors fault!

it seems like every time they are home, they just HAVE to listen to their music... and loud! The building is reasonably soundproof, luckily, but I still get to hear all the base from their music.
Until 2 weeks ago, they were into dance music. So I would hear the same annoying beat for hours on end (I swear they must have been listening to the same song for weeks non-stop)
Now they changed to punk music. Still pretty annoying.
After a whole weekend like that, my head is just killing me.

And I spend most of my days studying... so I like things to be quiet.

I just keep banging on the floor and sometimes they get the message and turn the music down a bit. Still, the next time they start their music, it's as loud as ever.
They don't play the music late at night (Thank God!!!) but in the weekends, they often play it all day long.

honestly, whenever I listen to my music, it's so quiet that if I'm doing my dishes at the same time, I can barely hear the music anymore. If it's louder than that, I tend to feel guilty about it. I am always so worried about disturbing other people and I absolutely cannot understand how anyone can just completely ignore that there are other people around them.

(I know... I'm complaining a lot today... but actually, I am in a pretty good mood overall... maybe I'd need a "things that are going well" thread )
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Originally Posted by marie-p
(maybe I'd need a "things that are going well" thread )
...okay. just a second. (check the topics in the cat lounge in a minute)
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Is`nt there any law about disturbing the peace where you live?
We have neighbors who have been asked by several neighbors to turn their music down....now people are starting to call the police on them. I`ve thought of it myself...but since it has been better the past few weeks ...well, we`ll wait and see.
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I wondered the same thing...there must be a law for public disturbance like that. That is just plain not right. It's no wonder your head hurts--mine would, too!! How annoying...
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yeah... I'm not sure what I can do about it...
the music is loud but not insanely loud... the problem is that it goes on for hours non-stop. I'm not sure if it would really be considered public disturbance.

I'll see what happens within the next little while. If they don't get the message with the bangning on the floor, I'll go talk to them. If that doesn't work, I'll probably talk to the landlord and last resort would be the cops.
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At least it's not dance music anymore....
I feel for you. I have upstairs neighbors who stomp around, and were vacuuming at 11:30 last night.
Noisey neighbors are a PAIN IN THE BUTT!!!
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I had neighbours like that. It wasn't entirely their fault, because it was an old building with poor insulation between floors, but I would end up in tears from the frustration some times. I used to call the super all the time. One night, she came to me door and said, they want you to go upstairs and talk about this. So I did.

They were actually very reasonable. They said, we want to be able to enjoy listening to our music. And I saw, they had 2 layers of carpet, and the speakers were on tables, not just sitting on the bare floor, which is what it sounded like. So we worked out some basic ground rules.

I explained that it wasn't the volume (necessarily), but the fact that it went on and on and on that really bothered me. If I heard the music, but knew it would end shortly, I wouldn't mind nearly as much. So we established "quiet time". They could play the music as loud as they needed when they were getting home from work, and getting dinner ready, and moving around. But then, at 7 pm, the volume went right down. So the longest I would hear the music would be one hour. And on weekends, they only played it loud for an hour at a time.

I was quite apprehensive about approaching them like that, but we ended up being good neighbours after that.
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My neighbors do that too. It never fails almost every night they have it up until around 1 am. I fixed that problem though My dad gave me his surround sound system with a a total of 6 speakers including a 12 inch subwoofer. So when they decided to crank it up and keep my kids awake I will turn on "neighbor" by Ugly Kid Joe... that usually solves the problem

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you think you've got it made
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for U and your family
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Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood
And I hope I didnt ruin your day
Wont U be my neighbor?
I brought my life,my ugly wife,
my dirty dog with fleas
My kids a punk,and Im drunk,
this Im sure youll see
Yeah U dont know,what its like,to live in misery
Welome to,home sweet hell
dissatisfaction guaranteed
Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood
And if I could i surely would
Invite you in say
Wont U be my neighbour
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It?s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood
I dig your wife,she sure is good
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I'm so mean
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ACtually there should be a law - breach of the peace, I believe. My bro had the same problem, and we've got it here too strangely enough - but check it out with the police, because if it's disturbing you, that's a problem.
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I know how your feeling, last night my upstairs neighbor seemed to be doing some sort of project that required to constant movement of furniture and a hammer. I was about to go up at 10 to tell them to cut it out but they stoped, this morning my head is barely staying attached with all the trobing, I've taken about 6 advil liquidgels. I feel like crawling under my desk and taking a nap, i'm sure no one would notice
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there they go again... back with the same dance music cd they listened to for weeks!

makes it so hard to study
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