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Braggin' on my boy!

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George had his annual vet visit today . He lost 3 lbs in 10 mos His blood sugar level is also at an awesome 84. WTG George!!!!! He got his shots tonight, but he is so excited that he is actually kicking around a catnip filled Tails End toy we got from Plain Brown Tabby Toys and Treats . He is having so much fun.
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What a good boy!!!

Congratulations George
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Yay George!! I'm so proud of you!!
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Wow, George! We're so super proud of you! You're such a good boy cooperating with your new diet! Chris, you're a remarkable Mom, and take such incredible care of your babies!

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Thanks everyone

Cool graphic, Steph!
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Way to go George!!!!!
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Hip hip hooray George! Three pounds...that like 12 sticks of butter, boy!
You are just soooo good! (And you are the alpha too, are`nt you? So you just go ahead and set an example for the others that are beneath you in your kingdom!)
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Chris & Georgie - this post has brought tears to my eyes.... happy tears though!!

I am so happy to read this post - I wasnt expecting an update like this at all... oh gosh I am so proud of you George for being so brave and for doing so well.

WTG Georgie

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Great news!!!!! Good job meowmy!!!!
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Wow! That's quite a loss. Good work, both of you!
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