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Madder than wet...cats! The girls get baths....

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Somehow, our beautiful girls caught FLEAS!!! They stay inside, so I figure meowmy and daddy tracked them in.
Anyway, I figured that I'd bathe them with feal shampoo before the Frontline goes on. They are SOOO mad at me right now.... They have been sitting around licking themselves dry since they got done. Miss Kitty didn't put up too much of a fight, but she squirmed a lot.
Zoe on the other hand, fought like mad. lol I had to scruff her the whole time. She yowled and howled...I have never heard sounds like those out of a cat!!! She was ANGRY. Didn't manage to scratch me though.
The only wound I have is a good-sized puncture from Miss Kitty's claw. I'm happy with that.

Here's some pics of them.
The good one first....
"Mom...I hate you...."

"I may be sopping, but I am still gorgeous."

Now for the Meanness...


Poor little things....
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I don't know if those pictures are more funny or more cute! Good combination of both. Glad you made it through that ordeal relatively unscathed!
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Zoe looks like she's planning her revenge!
Great pics!!
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Poor little darlings!!! They look so cute though

But I wouldn't turn your back on them for a while!!!
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Glad to hear you are alive and well after the bath.
Sleep with one eye open tonight!!!
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Well, Miss Kitty is over being mad at me. She crawled up and sat next to me while we were eating dinner...then wormed her way onto my lap. lol
Zoe is not so forgiving, though. She won't let me pet her. I can scratch her head, but petting is not allowed. She is letting her daddy love on her. The little snot should be mad at him, too, though...he's the one who grabbed the camera as soon as the bath was over!!

They are pretty dry now, so they've gotten their Frontline. Hopefully this will take care of the fleas!!! It had better, because we aren't doing another flea bath!!
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Aww, Miss Kitty is the sweet forgiving one huh?
Zoe will soon forget about her ordeal.
Great pictures!
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I had to bathe Bailey once, and it was awful. She's usually pretty timid, but she got a few good scratches on my arms. And just struggled for it to be over. I wrapped her in a big fluffy towel and lay on the couch with her bundled on my chest, and she lay there, actually whimpering like a baby, for about 20 minutes. Poor little girl. She snuggled for a long time, and then jumped down, gave herself a very thorough bath, like I hadn't done a good enough job, and went off to play.
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Miss Kitty did quite well, but did Zoe ever look pissed.

Don't worry, my guys also got fleas last fall and they are also strictly indoor cats. Last fall just happened to be a bad time for fleas. You did a great job!
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They are very cute
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oh yeah... fleas indeed r real headache n problematic. gotta get rid of them b4 infesting the whole house!! special medicated shampoo n Frontline Spray wud solve that n maybe they wud need another round of bath, shampoo n frontline juz to be sure... poor kitties.. well, it is for their own good...

juz remember to give the cute lil kitties some treats after each bath.... then they will forget what had happened before... hehehheee
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Those are great pics!!!!!!! What a brave soul you are for bathing them!!! lol
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Occasionally I give Popcorn a bath just so she won't be shocked out of her life whenever I need to do it in the future. She just sits in the sink and paws uselessly at the edge as though she's giving me a hint that she'd really rather not be in there.
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Woah---if looks could kill... Those are 2 VERRRRRY unhappy kitties. Perfect Kodak moments!
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poor little one
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