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week end for
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Once upon a time, there was a cat who loved lampshades and also loved pudding every day for breakfast. One morning while Mom was cleaning, Joey the Cat chased the vacuum all over town. He then noticed a giant fish in the river. He was hungry, so he ate [it] until he was stuffed! While eating, he noticed a cat who looked sad and lonely. So he went down the street to the cat and shared leftovers [with the cat]. Then, he realized that he (the cat) was his big brother!

He was very happy, but he didn't quite know what to say about the situation...but he still wanted to play, so he asked his Meowmy to run in circles and yell "Yippy!" She looked so excited because she [had] missed her boys, so she obeyed [them] by taking them to the spacious outdoors and ran around for hours.

Then they went to Texas and ate some barbeque.

"Who has my catnip? It's time for a good nap," said Meowmy. But one kitty did not want to go to a nap, so he hid under the bed until he got hungry. Then he found the pudding that he found in the bedroom closet under an old coat that belongs to Mickey Rooney. "Where did I put my lovely Mickey Rooney collection?" he thought wonderingly.

Then he went downstairs to the basement to look around for something. What he found was a giant bag of catnip! "Wow!" he said, "I must be really lucky for stealing the catnip without anyone noticing!

He then climbed up the ladder to get to his secret hide-out. But when he go up there, there was a note on the table where he usually kept his yellow bowl of raisins. He was very happy that three Siamese cats happened to be there to read a secret message to him while [he] nibbled on his very favorite furry stuffed animal that he always plays with when he cleans the basement.

Just then, he heard a knock. The door shook. And just then, the door flew open. "Oh, no!" [he said]. It was his evil, psycho Grandmeowmy! She told him [that] she was moving to the Far East, and he would have to bring his pajamas with him to fend off the giant panda bears who love to devour adorable little orange jelly beans.

"Wow!" said the giant panda, imagining what it would say to the millions of furry, tiny kittens following a wonderful pink parade of marching, jewel-covered elephants that were very happy to be going to Rome. To find the jewel would be absolutely wonderful. He [the giant panda] didn't know that it was under guard by the smallest little cuddle-kitties you ever did meet. They [the 'cuddle-kitties'] met every single weekend for...


I corrected all the NUMEROUS grammer mistakes, and put in parentheses information that wasn't too obvious to make it more clear. Don't you just love the story?? Keep it up! This is getting quite, uhh...interesting!
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the last two

interesting story BTW
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and a half
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years but they
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truly despised the
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terribly imprecise number
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so they went
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to Las Vegas and
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gambled all day
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, winning at least
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two pink bunnies
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and a very
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big stuffed dog
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. Nobody thought they

(i put a period. is that okay at this point?)
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could be so
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lucky to have
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not lost at

(nobody ever answers, lol)
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any of the
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machines that they
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can't seem to
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figre out how
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to keep running.
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They decided to
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have them fixed.
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"Is this the
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place where you
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fix the machines?
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"i think that
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you better get
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