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I'm pretty annoyed at the student loan process right now.

I've been receiving my money fine so far... and in October I had to fill out a form to confirm my income (in case I had a new job, they would reduce my monthly payment accordingly)
well, I also had a change of address so I filled out the "change of information" form... which means that I changed my email address, confirmed my income and all my other information.

Now today I was getting kind of worried that I hadn't gotten my money for Novembre yet, so I went to see... and it said that my payments had been suspended because I hadn't confirmed my information.
apparently it wasn't the "change of information" form I had to fill out but the "Confirmation of financial resources" form. Even if the "change of information" form had the same information in it (plus some more), it didn't count
So now I'll have to wait for my money.

also, I found out today that the university requires me to write a "University writting test" in order to graduate. Doesn't matter that I already have a university degree and that I have very good grades... I still need to prove to them that I can write!!

don't you just love bureaucracy??
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Tell me about it - working in one of those agencies is even worse! I did it for a month and left - telling people that even thought they had given me the info 3 times already they still had to do it again for the next piece of paper wasn't nice!
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