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my kitten dosent clean her self

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why dos my kitten not clean her butt for last 2 weeks ive noticed she has poo stuck to it and she wont clean it so i have to take it off is there anyway i can get her to clean herself?

plz help shes starting to get it on the floor and i dont want to clean it.
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That usually means they are sick. My kitten will occasionally get diarreah when I change her diet to much and she wont' clean herself and it can stink up the house (I now know she dosen't handle liver well). Lack of cleaning is almost always a sign of a health problem (cats are very cleanly!). If you have a long-haired kitten, they will be prone to dingleberries and clipping the hind area will help eliminate that problem. I would get her stool checked for parasites if this has been going on for so long.

Has she been in for a regular vet visit?
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How young is your kitten?
Kittens should not have scoopable litter and if that is what you are using, it isn't going to help the problem. Some kittens sit in the box an if it happens after they go, the litter will stick to their moist behinds and clump.
If it is just poo that is sticking, no litter, then you probably should take her to the vet if it is continuously happening over and over.
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My kitten is only 8 weeks old and she sometimes is a bit slow in cleaning her bottom (She was hand reared)

I usually just clean it for her, but after a while she will usually do it on her own. Is it a lot of poo or just a smudge?
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I think they get better at cleaning themselves as they get older.
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she hasent been to the vet yet and shes almost 5 months theres like less then 5 clumps of poo stuck to her she dosent look sick shes always playing .
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Is her fur particularly long?

You definitely ought to schedule her for a vet appointment ASAP. She should have had 2-3 distemper vaccines by now (a big deal because distemper is so contagious that she could get it just from your touching a contaminated surface and then touching something in her environment - and it is fatal for 70-90% of the kittens who get it), and now is also ready for her rabies vaccine and to be spayed. Plus she needs a general checkup to make sure she is healthy.
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Your kitten absolutely need to be examined by a Vet and get her vaccines up to date. This is also about the time she should be spayed.
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You should take her to a vet so she can be checked. She should have had shots already, so that needs to be taken care of. And a spay should be scheduled.

If she has long fur, she should be taken to a groomer and given a sanitary cut, which will make the hair on her bottom shorter and less prone to have poo clumps in it.

Until she cleans herself better you will need to wipe her off and clean whatever messes.
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Originally Posted by tinyis_mykitten
she hasent been to the vet yet and shes almost 5 months theres like less then 5 clumps of poo stuck to her she dosent look sick shes always playing .
Just wanted to add that cats are very good at hiding illness, they have to be as in the wild any sign of weakness could get them killed by a predator. Just because she is playing does not mean all is well.

Get her checked by a vet just in case, it won't do any harm!
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She does need to see the vet. Especially since she is 5 months and hasn't seen one yet. Most kittens have to be dewormed and/or could have any other number of issues that the vet can easily do something about. And I understand you don't want to have to clean your kitten or clean up after her but that is part of being a pet owner. As others have said, maybe if you do it a few times she will start doing it herself. Or at least get better at it. If she is long haired, have the vet or a groomer give her a sanitary shave (where they shave around the butt and privates). That will help her keep herself clean too.
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actually... in my opinion... cats r actually a very clean creature whereby they do clean / groom themselves very much often. I wud presume ur kitten is a long hair coz usually short hair cats wud not hv this problem. is the poo stuck to his butt or hanging (sticking) at the fur? if the later, then yes... as per suggested by silverbook to hv a sanitary cut at the anal area.
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it hanging to the fur of her but she has lots of fur but her mother father and brothers didnt hav much fur.
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I think a sanitary cut would be the best route since she has a lot of fur.
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