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I Need Board Magic!

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Tomorrow my little baby girl is getting spayed. I've been dreading this for months, just ask Amy (Ugaimes). I have no experience with this and I'm afraid. Please send prayers and vibes for April Joy to have a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery.
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Lots of get well {{vibes}} for April Joy!!! Super calming {{vibes}} for her Mommy!!!
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Lots of good vibes for you and April Joy! Everything will go just fine!

Stephanie's little Serenity just had it done and everything went good for her too!

Lots of prayers and vibes to you!
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Barbara, I'm sending plenty of good vibes and prayers to sweet April Joy and her worried meowmy. Please let us know how things go.
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Plenty of smooth, quick recovery vibes for April Joy's spay, Barbara.
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April Joy will be just fine! It will be harder on Meowmy than on her.

Sending lots of healthy vibes for April Joy, and calming vibes for you.
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Lots of calm, healing vibes being sent to you and April Joy..
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Lots of Good Vibes, Healthy, quick Healing and Get well soon vibes to April Joy!
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The kits and I are sending BIG hugs and many wellness vibes you guys' way. She will be fine though Let us know how she does!!!!!!
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Many comforting prayers for April Joy and soothing prayers for the worried sick Meowmy
{{{{{ hugs and good vibes sent toward both}}}}}
Everything will go just fine. Just have trust (and faith? ) It really will be alright. If you worry too much, April Joy might start to worry too, but if you act confident and comfort April Joy she won't be nervous...really, because my cats went through the same thing, and when I acted worried and weird around Sweetie (my cat), she got nervous, too. But with my other cat a year later, when I just petted her and comforted her, she was fine. Don't stress too much.
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Barbara, my prayers are with Joy for a full and quick recovery.
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Lots of quick healing vibes for your darling kitty
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Lots of positive vibes coming from me and Snowball!
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Awww....April Joy will be in my prayers tomorrow.
Keep us posted about you both are doing.
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Sending prayers for April Joy to have a safe surgery & quick recovery to health

And sending calming hugs and prayers for you too
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Praying all goes well with April Joy and that she will soon be back home and feeling playful again. try not to worry too much Mom....she should be just fine...and you will be too.
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Originally Posted by consumercity
Tomorrow my little baby girl is getting spayed. I've been dreading this for months, just ask Amy (Ugaimes). I have no experience with this and I'm afraid. Please send prayers and vibes for April Joy to have a smooth surgery and a speedy recovery.
Hello Barbara!
Count with my good wishes and Good Vibes for a soon recovery to April!
she has a beautiful name!!! ... ...

Good Luck!
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10,000,000,000,000.00 Great and calming Vibes sent your way, good luck and everything will be great April Joy will be running around again soon.

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Prayers & vibes for April Joy & her worried mewommy! It's always nerve-wracking thinking about your precious one undergoing anesthesia & surgery, but this is a routine procedure on a healthy cat and April will be up & running about before you know it. You might check out the thread on DawnofSierra's Serenity's post-op care, or send a PM to Stephanie - she had thought of so many wonderful little things for her babygirl's post-surgery comfort!!
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My fingers are crossed that all goes well for her. She'll be fine, Barbara. That's such common surgery that a lot of vets could probably do it with their eyes closed. Nevertheless, I understand your "nerves". I dread hearing the words, "Jamie's/ZsaZsa's teeth need cleaning!", and can't concentrate on anything while it's being done. Thank goodness they've both been "fixed" already.
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Lots of get well vibes for April Joy, adn calming vibes for you!
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Sending lots of good vibes to April Joy!
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No matter what we say, you're going to worry- any good mommy would. However, whenever you start worrying, just remember that we are all praying and/or sending good vibes to you and pretty miss AJ . The Drama Queens and I send vibes, prayers, purrs, and head butts you and April Joy's way.

Please keep us updated on her progress!
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Your girl will do fine and she'll be ok. I know it must be so nervewracking! I'd be calling every 5 minutes myself. Cats are amazingly resilient animals, and just reading how you care so mch - that's at least half or more of her recovery right there!!!
Big hugs and good, strong vibes!
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Thanks everyone! The board magic has helped me a lot. Please keep sending vibes for April Joy. She will really need your love tomorrow! I probably won't be able to update until Monday because I'm not leaving her alone this weekend and I don't have a computer at home.

Fortunately, I don't have to bring her in until tomorrow morning so she won't have to be stressed out overnight. She's the first in line for surgery so I'll be able to bring her home about 1PM.

She is such a sweet and wonderful little baby girl! Please keep the vibes coming for her.
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More prayers for your sweet little one are being sent. I remember the feeling when I was waiting for my cats to come out of surgery. When I got them home I just wanted to carry them around on a little pillow. I think they bounced back quicker than I did.
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Everything went well with the spay. When I brought her home she was trying to run around and the meds made her wobbly. Saturday the pain meds zonked her out pretty good. She seems to be healing really fast. What a huge relief!

A special thanks to everyone who sent vibes! Thank you for caring about sweet little April Joy!
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Yay! I'm so glad everything went well with AJ's spay .
How's she doing now? {{{{Hoping the rest of the recovery goes just as smooth!}}}}
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