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Is my cat colour blind?

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I recently bought one of those crazy lazor lights that shine the dot on a wall, or any surface. Cleopatra, my 7 month old cat, chases it like mad! Doesn't matter what she's in the middle of, could be eating, taking a nap, in the litter box, whatever, she drops what she's doing to chase the lazor dot. But my concern is for my other cat, Noah. He is 2 years old, and as far as I know, or the vet for that matter, his eyesight is normal. But it appears as if he can't even see the lazor beam!!! Is he purposely ignoring it, or really can't see it? Do cats see in colour?? If so, can Noah be colour blind then, cause the lazor shines red...

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out of my eight cats, only two show an interest in chasing the laser. Most of them, if I turn the lights out and shine a flashlight back and forth and on the ceiling will give chase.

Cats can see colors, but rather poorly. It has been believed until recently that cats were totally color-blind. In the past few decades research has found that cats can distinguish between certain colors, but not, apparently, with the same results as we can. They see a more muted tone of color

The studies have been able to prove that cats can distinguish between red and green, red and blue, red and gray, green and blue, green and gray, blue and gray, yellow and blue, and yellow and gray.

Color is not as important in the lives of cats as it is for us . Their eyes are more attuned to seeing in dim light, where they need only a small percent of the light we do to make out the same details of movement and shape.

Also do not shine the laser in the eyes of your cats as this will damage their eyes (in case you did not know this)
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