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He's breaking my heart.

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Well Jordan has begun to be clingy. He was acting out because he wanted more attention, but now he's constantly in my face. I love that he misses me & wants to cuddle, but the look I got this morning when I left broke my heart He was so clingy this morning that I left the TV on animal planet for them in the hopes he would feel a little less lonely. I've been home more this week than normal, but it's difficult to make time. I'm got a huge paper do in a couple weeks & I've been busy doing research. I just feel so bad because he's missing me so much.
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Aww poor snuggleplum! Him just wants his meowmy Is he still a kitten? Maybe you could leave a shade open in addition to the TV so he can keep hiself occupied bby looking at birds,squirrels, etc... Good Luck!
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I sure feel for you! It is so hard when they miss us!
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Oh poor baby! He realy loves u.
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He's my snuggle bug. He's 2 1/2 years old. The apartment I'm in has a tree right outside my front window & they peek out the curtains all the time. Then the back window over looks a set of high tension wires & I don't close the blinds all the way on that window because they've already broken several of the slats crawling through.
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Awwwww. He misses you, Mom!
Have you ever thought about a brother or sister for him to play with? They can be great company for one another!
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Aww...that is very sweet!! Cats tend to be drama queens...or kings...and it is very tough sometimes! I know how you feel! It's just so hard to leave those cute, pleading eyes. It breaks your heart. But he will be fine. Just maybe make sure he has something to do...like leave his favorite toy out, make sure he's got water, the tv thing you've been doing is a good idea...and I'm sure you've probably already done all these things anyways!
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Originally Posted by stampit3d
Awwwww. He misses you, Mom!
Have you ever thought about a brother or sister for him to play with? They can be great company for one another!
He's got 2 brothers & 1 sister, but for some reason it's not the same as me.
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He has you wrapped around his little paw, doesn't he?

I feel your pain.
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Both my kids come to the door when i'm leaving and give me the look like "You Traitor!" I feel compelled that to tell them that I don't really want to leave but i'm keeping them in kitty kibble and catnip toys by going to work. They are always happy to see me when I get home and make sure that I know that they were slightly po'ed. I like to think of it as the cat's rendition of puppy dog eyes.
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I feel your pain. My Linus is the same way, and he also has his sister to keep him company. The two of them love one another and play very well together, but it's not the same as the bond that he and I have, and whenever I am home, he needs to be right where I am (preferably ON me, but if that's not available, he will settle with NEXT to me).

In any event, one thing that works for us is that we have a daily parting and greeting ritual. he gets this time and attention from me everyday, without fail. It seems to make parting easier, and it makes coming home a lot more fun.

For parting, it is a gradual journey out the door. I will stop in the living room and have a seat on the couch for a moment, where he stops for a quick pet/massage. Then we move on together toward the kitchen where he jumps up on the counter and gets more love (we talk to one another throughout the whole process). He then jumps off the counter and he and his sister are rewarded with cat treats and kisses before I leave.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you, because I believe that having the parting and returning rituals makes it easier for my kitty to learn that when I leave, it's not such a bad thing, and when I return, he gets more love :-)

I hope you and Jordan can find a happier way of saying goodbye to each other in the morning, and perhaps a ritual will help.

Good luck!
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