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15 year old male cat is sick.........

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Hi all, my cat Joseph is sick.He wants food all the time. He has about 4 bowel movements a day and is getting skinnier each day.He is also hiding in closets or lays down facing walls etc.He has been to vet and either than a higher than normal white blood count, they didnt know what was going on. They suggested xrays to see if he has any tumors.He hates going to vet so i wont subject him to it anymore.He only purrs now when he is fed, i know his body is craving something (protein ?) .I know he is an older cat and it may be his time is up but does this sounds famillar to anyone ?? Thanks for reading this .Greg.
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I really suggest that you take him to a VET......I know that you say that he don´t like it but I think is imperative that A professional to check him!...

My best wishes to him for his soon Recovery!
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Yes. I`d take him too...whether he likes it or not and find out what is happening with him. Id rather see you , if you have to, to make the decision to have him PTS than to know that he is suffering.
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Just a guess, but often a high white count means an infection somewhere. Call the vet back and ask if a course of antibiotics would possibly help.
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Did the vet do a complete senior cat blood profile (also called a geriatric profile), including testing his thyroid levels?

There are lots of things that can cause problems in an older cat, but hyperthyroid (click here for an article) can cause increased appetite and weight loss, as well as cause a cat to become increasingly timid or fearful, or increasingly active and vocal. When my cat became hyperthyroid, she started hiding in closets all the time.

15 is definitely a senior cat, but please don't give up on him yet. It's not uncommon now for cats to live to be 20+.
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Yeah a vet visit is needed. Maybe you could get a second opinion from a vet who is more experienced with this sort of problem. My cat hates vet visits too, but if they are in pain or uncomfortable their well being should be more important than their feelings of dislike. Good luck let us know how he is doing. I will be praying for you both.
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I would look into the condition of his teeth and gums ... my guess is he has a hip lesion and possible infection there.
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Yes -- it's just like with people, sometimes you just have to go to the doctor whether you like it or not, because the alternative is to grow sicker and sicker and possibly die.

Your kitty is very sick -- maybe some kind of infection, maybe a tumor, maybe just intestinal parasites if you're lucky. But you've got to take him to another vet. Maybe you can get a recommendation from a local rescue group or no-kill shelter... they should know who has the skill to give you a better answer than this first vet did.

Please do it now -- your kitty's weightloss is a scary and dangerous sign. Good luck!
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Greg, hows things going with Joseph? Please keep us updated.

((healthy vibes)) being sent your way from across the ocean
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got news - how is your baby?
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