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Finally starting a JoJo and Jack thread...

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Although it'll mostly be JoJo. She's the photogenic one. i.e. she's the one who'll stick around for pictures.


her reflection in the mirror...


I might get to more later... my images are scattered... many were taken before I purchased the digital camera, so they'd have to be scanned. I also have some older images of my Dad's cats: Skunk, Max and Coco. I'll get to those... There's also images i've taken of my friends' cats: Silas, Caspian and Mac. Though i only have Mac as a tiny kitten... he was so rambuntious. I need to get that friend on here, so SHE can share.

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Oh Amanda, they are beautiful...I love the reflection in the mirror...
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What cutie pies!!!!! I am partial to the ginger girls though!!!
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What pretty cats! Thanks for sharing.
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Oh yes! Very pretty kitties.....more more more please!
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They are both so gorgeous!!

I can't wait to see more pictures!!
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I'll post a few more during my next writing break. I'm trying to get at least 3000 to 4000 words in today and am having difficulties, but i'm SOOOO behind right now.

As long as no one decides they HAVE to sit in my lap while i type, I'll go faster.

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Beautiful cats! Thanks for sharing!
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Aww, what a cute pair of furry little super-models! They love the camera, and the camera loves them! LOL...great pictures.
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Originally Posted by sweetiecat3
Aww, what a cute pair of furry little super-models! They love the camera, and the camera loves them! LOL...great pictures.
they're so cute - waiting for more pix!
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a couple more here...

I'm tired Momma...

I want to sit on your lap NOW!

Fine, don't let me sit on your lap. I'll just sit here and stare at you.

My little boy Jack. Ever since I returned home from ONE day gone, he's been sneezing up a storm. The owner of the petsitting company told me that the lady who took care of my babies on saturday does not wear perfume. Now I'm wondering if she smokes. If she does, that may be the cause. They're both sneezing, but Jack's been pretty bad. It's getting better... but he's still sniffling. Here's my baby boy, backlit by the window. it's hard to get him to sit still out in the open right now.

Back to a little more writing. if I can get 700 more words in today I think I'll be okay. i just need to stay home again tomorrow. My newest character introduction is helping nicely. Chatty opinionated dragons are fun!!

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They are beautiful kitties!! Hope you get all your writing done!
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Jack is feeling a little better... I figure this because he climbed up to a perch I'd wondered baout. I know i've found a ducky pin (that leans against the Buddha statue behind where he's sitting in the following pics) on the floor a couple mornings. I always figured someone got up on the dresser and batted it down because it's shiny (Oooohh... Shiny!) Now, I know better. The evidence:

The kicker is that the shallow bookcase he's sitting on is NOT anchored to the wall. It's just sitting on top of the dresser. I'm surprised it hasn't toppled over.

Here's what JJ did last night... she hasn't done this in a LONG time. Usually while i'm in the shower, she jumps up on the toilet lid and waits for me. Here's my (not so) little fuzzy girl:

I'm sure there's more to come...

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Is Jojo the only one to like hanging out in the shower?
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Is Jojo the only one to like hanging out in the shower?
Jack used to. They both also used to jump into the wet tub and lay down. every so often i'll find one of them in there. or they'll emerge from the bathroom and i'll pet them and run across wet fur. Silly kids I have. Jack's been through a lot of health issues, dealing with one right now. When he's at full health he's the troublemaker. He broke my ceramic salt shaker by batting it off the kitchen counter two years ago. he can be such a brat... but I love him anyway. He's a sweet, loving little boy.

Sometimes JJ's balance on the tub edge isn't quite perfect. She usualy tries to turn around and her back legs slip off. She tried to hold on with her front claws, but she alwasy seems to forget that claws don't dig into metal tubs. Silly Goose.

Back to the novel!

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lol Popcorn seems to think that the bath tub is her own private cat tree. She jumps in and out, chases her tail in it and also uses it as a spying post for whenever any of us are using the bathroom. We'll be facing the mirror and catch the shower curtain moving slightly as though a wind has brushed it. You turn around and look down and you can see two little eyes peering up at you from between the curtain and the porcalin(sp) side. Then the dogs go cat fishing, sticking their big ole heads where they saw those little cat eyes and Popcorn pops out on the other side to lean around and watch their progress. A scene taht always reminds me of bugs bunny.
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Those are great!! I love the one of her looking at herself in the mirror!
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Great photos! Keep them coming!
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