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She bites me

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I love my kitten. She spends every minute that i am home with me playing or sleeping on my chest. The last few days she will get as close to my face as she can, right under my chin and sleep. But she nuzzles a little and then will bite my nose, chin, or neck. Not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough for it to hurt. Why is she doing this. Has anyone else had this problem?
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Going through the same thing with Pooh. You should see my nose!! One minute he is nuzzling my neck then its a swat or nibble on the nose and he walks away.

I hear they grow out of the biting thing. I hope so.
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Harley does the same thing and I don't know why? When he is cuddling with me, he will all of a sudden cuddle up to my face and try and lick my face and then bite me, not hard like you had said, but hard enuf to hurt! I have no idea why he does this tho! Sometimes I think he thinks its the same as kissing, cuz I kiss his nose and then he will come and kiss mine and then bite me afterwards....talk about tough love!!
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Sleeves does this to Mark in the night? Its when he's lying on his chest sleeping, he moves up a bit and starts nibbling on his chin and licking it. Mark says the licking hurts more because his tongue is so rough. We thought it might have been the feeling of his stubble that he liked? It is very cute though it makes me laugh
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Are'nt kitten kisses fun!!!! Most of them will grow out of it though. Make sure you let them know it hurts!!! Let out a high pitch owie, so they now its not normal to do Murphy did that at first, but I quickly let him know that that hurts mommy. now he is just a snugglemuffin Good luck guys!
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I've always thought of that kind of biting as a "love bite".

Mr Underfoot used to bite me on the nose like that, ouch!

I read a technique somewhere for stopping it - when he bit me too hard, I would grasp him gently on his scruff (the loose skin at the back of his neck - but only if he was on a solid surface - don't hold him up by it as it hurts any cat beyond the very tiny kitten stage), and put my other hand over his face and hold it there for a moment to redirect him and give him a chance to calm down.

The book said it's similar to what a mother cat does when a kitten becomes too rowdy, as a way to calm him down.

If he was in my arms when he chomped my nose, I'd just hold my hand over his face for a moment, and not hold his scruff. It took a few times, but it eventually worked to get him to stop chomping my nose, and he's still affectionate and loving.
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Haha Meeka did this. It hurts really bad too!! Particularly at 3am when she wanted to be pet.

I finally decided if I was going to get any sleep I had to do something. I knew when she was reachign in to bit my nose and I would give a little blow. Cats don't like the feeling of air blowing on them and this will deter them. In a week she stopped completely! Blowing didn't take to much effort at 3am either .
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