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Stitches coming apart?

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I got my female cat fixed about a week ago, and it looks like her stitches are coming apart. There are three stitches and there is an opening of about 1/2 a millimeter........I'm not sure because I'm inexperienced with the issue. Is it normal for them to look like that, or is the wound supposed to heal like that. I'm really confused on whether to take them back to the vet. PLEASE HELP!
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Give your vet a call and see if you're supposed to come back to have the stitches removed.... some places use "disolvable sutures" (I actually had them in my mouth after oral surgery) and they fall out in a set amount of time - they used them on my old dog when she had leg surgery.... if your kitty is not actually pulling/biting them out, then this may be the case... but give oyur vet a ring and they should be able to tell you over the phone what's goin on
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To looks like her wound is coming apart with the stitches, but it's not bleeding.....I'm pretty nervous about it because I don't know if it's normal.
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I would call the vet ASAP! That does'nt sound to good to me. Even though the wound is not bleeding, it should'nt be coming apart ???!!!!I hope everything is ok!!!! Let us now how she is doing,and what the vet has to say about it. Good Luck!!
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When we had Phenom fixed the vet said the stitches should come out in 7 days. She ripped them out before that time was up. He told us that unless you could see her insides that she would be fine. Her incision is still red and protrudes but it is not open. Call your vet to be sure but from past experiences i think she will be fine.
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Call your vet. Better safe than sorry.
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I would highly recommend that you take her to the vet to get checked out.
Usually there is an inner set of stitches which are dissolvable and an outer set that need to be taken out by the vet. It sounds like the outer stitches might have torn. There is a risk of infection and the vet will probably have to restitch and give antibiotics.
Are you seeing any fluid discharge, pus or more clear fluid? Those are definite signs of infection and you must get her to the vet.

Keep your kitten's activity down in the meantime. Keep her in the carrier until you can get her to the vet so that she doesn't tear her stitches further.

Hope this helps.
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Please call the vet to be sure. Occasionally even the dissolvable stitches are rejected by the body, and instead of melting away they work their way to the surface. Most likely everything is fine, but better to check while the issue is a small one!
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My little girl was playing so rough after being spayed (hers were internal too) the end though had opened a bit. The vet put her on antibiotics to stave off infection. Otherwise she was fine.
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Mine were playing so hard too. I've got two kittens from the same litter and they love to play together, sleep together, and even use the litter box together! It's almost impossible for me to keep them from playing. I was so scared when I picked up Daisy (the one in question) to see that her stitches looked as if they were pealing away. I'm going to take them to the vet right away after work. I've got them seperated at home now. What do you suggest to help settle them down durning the day when I'm not there. (it's about 4 hours)
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If it has been a week, and there is no redness or discharge, she is probably healed enough that everything is try not to worry. Best to give the vet a call though and take her in if he wants to take a look himself. Better to be safe than sorry.
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If you are gone only 4 hours then seperating them until you think the roughness won't hurt her might be the best bet. But if she is healing ok then most likely there won't be a problem of reopening. See what the vet says about your concerns. I'm sure this is something they deal with a lot.
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Thanks a lot for everyone's concern.
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Did you call your vet?
Originally Posted by johnson_22
Thanks a lot for everyone's concern.
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