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top of Stove

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Good morning. Looks like Pooh is starting to explore higher places. Any idea how to secure the knobs that turn on the burners? Not sure she can turn the dial, but he is pretty resourceful.
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Don't know how to stop the knobs from geting turned, but you may want to get some burner covers. That way if, and I say IF it happens the heat on his/her pads will make them move, Thus not hurting to badly. I would also try some cat repel spray on the knobs.....That may help.

Good luck
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Go to a baby supply store (like babies R us) and go to the baby-proofing section.... they make plastic cases that go over each stove knob that require thumbs to remove! I don't know how expensive they are, but my aunt has them for my baby cousins - you can still get to your knobs, but someone without strong thumbs (or kitties without thumbs at all!) cant!
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Thanks for the advice. I'm Baby R Us bound.
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If you want to keep your cat off the stove altogether, try putting some orange peels around the edge of it or even just below the knob area. My kitten won't go where I have put orange peels since she seems to hate the smell of oranges.

Hope this helps.
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I've never heard of the child-proofing caps - that's a nice idea.

I just take the knobs off & put them on top of the stove when I'm not using it. You're thinking ahead! I learned the hard way We have a gas stove, and I came home once to find one of the burners on high. Eeek!
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I have burner covers for my gas stove, not only for safety's sake but because like most apartment kitchens, mine is woefully short on counter space, so having the stove top to work on helps.

Also, I agree with the earlier poster -- just take the knobs off. People with little kids do it all the time.
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