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New person here!

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Hello there everyone......My name is Lisa and I am from the UK.
I have just become a new Mum to Ollie as of last week. He is a ragdoll kitten and he is 14 weeks old. He is just adorable!
Even though we have had him less than a week he has already grown (seems by the hour)!!!

I am 34 and am married. We also have human children too aged 11 and 13.

I didn't realise how much kittens sleep!! Ollie goes from being really hyper and wanting to play to excess and then wham! Fast asleep!
He is a really good boy too. He loves to pounce on our feet while we are in bed and kill them....(giant mice perhaps)??? He also has a fave little white mouse toy that he carries in his mouth. If we throw it he runs after it and brings it back. He is very loved up and very spoilt! And doesn't he know it!

I am really glad I came across this site. A real wealth of info here. And hopefully new friends too!

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Welcome to you across the pond...and a big old MEOW to OllieSounds like he is a great toe-hunter.
I hope you post often and tell us of his antics!
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Hello & welcome. Ollie sounds like a sweety. You'll just have to learn like the rest of us not to move your toes while you sleep. You know he's not going to change - you'll have to. LOL
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Hi there! Welcome to the gang. Ollie sounds adorable! I love ragdoll cats, they're so cuddly!!!

Looking forward to talking to you again.
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Welcome! Ollie sounds just adorable. Ragdolls are such beautiful kitties!

Our kittens played the same game - we called it "Monster Under the Blanket." They have pretty much outgrown that, but do surprise attack the Monster sometimes. :tounge2:
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Hi Lisa
Glad to read about your joy, "Ollie!" Sounds like he is loads of fun, and quite the little character.
Faline my girl kitty, loves to pounce on my fiance and my feet also when we're in bed. She'll also fetch a little catnip stuffed pink sock.
Recently, I was playing with her to wear her out so that she would sleep the whole night through. I had a little "fishing pole" with a mouse at the end and whisked it across the bed and in circles. The little girl literally Panted like a puppy at the end. It made me laugh because I'd never seen a cat 'Pant' like a dog. Sometimes I think she's my "Kitten-dog".
Then my other kitten Simba will during the night, sleep next to my neck or on my neck, 'purrrrrrrrr,' and play with my hair.
Hope Ollie continues to provide much more amusement for you as my kittens do for me!
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